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Fulton, Mo. (Missouri, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america
ns, Captain Humphreys, fires into the United States frigate Chesapeake, Commodore Barron, off Chesapeake Bay, killing three and wounding eight, and takes four seamen, claiming them as British subjects......June 22, 1807 [Barron was suspended by a courtmartial for five years without pay and emoluments, for making no resistance and surrendering his ship.] American ports closed to the British, and British ships ordered from American waters......July, 1807 First steamboat, the Clermont (Fulton's), starts from New York for Albany......Sept. 14, 1807 Aaron Burr acquitted......Sept. 15, 1807 Tenth Congress, first session, convenes......Oct. 26, 1807 Speaker of the House, Joseph B. Varnum, Massachusetts. A British Order in council forbids neutral nations to trade with France or her allies except under tribute to Great Britain......Nov. 11, 1807 Napoleon's Milan decree forbids trade with England or her colonies, and confiscates any vessel paying tribute or submitting to Eng
Newburg, N. Y. (New York, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america
......Sept. 13, 1883 President Arthur receives the Korean ambassadors at the Fifth Avenue Hotel, New York City......Sept. 18, 1883 Direct telegraphic communication between United States and Brazil via Central America opened; message by President Arthur to the Emperor......Sept. 21, 1883 National convention of colored men—300 delegates from twenty-seven States—meets at Louisville, Ky.......Sept. 24, 1883 Centennial of the disbanding of the Army of the Revolution celebrated at Newburg, N. Y.......Oct. 18, 1883 Lieut.-Gen. Philip H. Sheridan succeeds Gen. W. T. Sherman, retired, in command of United States army......Nov. 1, 1883 Dr. J. Marion Sims, surgeon, born 1813, dies......Nov. 13, 1883 Standard railroad time in the United States goes into effect......Nov. 18, 1883 Forty-eighth Congress, first session, convenes......Dec. 3, 1883 President Arthur's third annual message......Dec. 4, 1883 New cantilever bridge opened over the gorge at Niagara Falls......De
Michigan Valley (Kansas, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america
ater communication with the Pacific coast, enter the Missouri River......May 14, 1804 Burr, Vice-President, mortally wounds Alexander Hamilton in a duel at Weehawken, N. J., Hamilton having fired in the air......July 11, 1804 Twelfth Amendment being accepted by two-thirds of the States—Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Delaware only dissenting—is declared ratified......Sept. 25, 1804 Second session convenes......Nov. 4, 1804 Fifth Presidential election......Nov. 13, 1804 Territory of Michigan formed from Indiana......Jan. 11, 1805 Electoral vote counted......Feb. 13, 1805 Twenty-five gunboats ordered for the protection of ports and harbors......March 2, 1805 [This measure was urged by President Jefferson, but proved to be useless.] Genesee and Buffalo Creek, N. Y., made ports of entry......March 3, 1805 Eighth Congress adjourns......March 3, 1805 [With this Congress closes the political life of Aaron Burr.] fifth administration—Democraticrepublican, M<
Greenville, Tenn. (Tennessee, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america
hicago, Aug. 29; Horatio Seymour chosen president of the convention and platform adopted, Aug. 30. On first ballot for President, Gen. George B. McClellan, of New Jersey, has 174 votes (as revised and declared, 202 1/2); nomination made unanimous. George H. Pendleton, of Ohio, nominated on the second ballot for Vice-President......Aug. 31, 1864 Battles of Jonesborough, Ga.......Aug. 31–Sept. 1, 1864 Hood evacuates Atlanta, Ga.......Sept. 1, 1864 Gen. John H. Morgan killed at Greenville, Tenn.......Sept. 4, 1864 General McClellan's letter accepting nomination, dated Orange, N. J.......Sept. 8, 1864 Fremont withdraws in favor of Lincoln and Johnson, by letter......Sept. 17, 1864 Battle of Winchester, Va.......Sept. 19, 1864 Battle of Fisher's Hill, Va.......Sept. 22, 1864 General Price invades Missouri......Sept. 24–Oct. 28, 1864 English-built cruiser Florida captured in the Brazilian harbor of Bahia by the United States war-ship Wachusett, and taken to Hamp
Gila River, N. Mex. (New Mexico, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america
with a letter from President Fillmore to the tycoon, soliciting a treaty. Commodore Perry arrives at the bay of Yedo......July 14, 1853 World's Fair, Crystal Palace, opening at New York City; President Pierce present......July 14, 1853 William Walker's filibustering expedition to Sonora, Mexico......July, 1853 Thirty-third Congress, first session, assembles......Dec. 5, 1853 James Gadsden, of South Carolina, minister to Mexico, by treaty purchases her territory south of the Gila River, now known as the Gadsden purchase, and included in Arizona, containing 45,535 square miles, for $10,000,000. Treaty and purchase approved......Dec. 30, 1853 Stephen A. Douglas, of Illinois, introduces a bill in the Senate, organizing the Territory of Nebraska......Jan. 4, 1854 A. Dixon, of Kentucky, gives notice of an amendment exempting the Territory from the Missouri compromise prohibiting slavery......Jan. 16, 1854 Proclamation of President Pierce against the invasion of Mexic
upposed coast of Labrador)......June 24, 1497 Cabot, Sebastian, son of John, born in Venice in 1475 (?), died in London about 1557; discoverer of Newfoundland and explorer of North American coast......1498-1517 Vespucci, Amerigo, born in Florence in 1451; died in Spain, Feb. 12, 1512. Explorer of the South American coast......1499-1504 Cabral, Pedro Alvarez de, Portuguese navigator, died about 1526; the discoverer of Brazil......April 22, 1500 Cortereal, Gasper, Portuguese navigat the Philippine Islands, by the natives, April 17, 1521. Only one of his ships, under Sebastian del Cano, reached Seville (the first ship to circumnavigate the globe)......Sept. 8, 1522 Verazzano, Giovanni de, Florentine navigator; born near Florence in 1470; died either at Newfoundland or Puerto del Rico in 1527. Explores for France the North American coast as far north as New York and Narraganset bays......1524 Gomez, Esteban, Spanish navigator, born in Spain in 1478 (?); died at sea i
Cape May (New Jersey, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america
ls in one ship with thirty-five men in search of the land seen by Bjarni......1000 Touching the Labrador coast, stops near Boston, Mass., or farther south, for the winter. He loads his vessel with timber; he returns to Greenland in the spring of......1001 [He calls the land Vinland, from its grapes.] Thorwald, Lief's brother, visits Vinland in 1002, and winters near Mount Hope Bay, R. I. In the spring of 1003 he sent a party of his men to explore the coast, perhaps as far south as Cape May. Thorwald explores the coast eastward, and is killed in a skirmish with the natives (skraelings) somewhere near Boston,......1004 His companions return to Greenland......1005 Thorfinn Karlsefne sails with three ships and 160 persons (five of them young married women) from Greenland to establish a colony......1007 [Landing in Rhode Island, he remains in Vinland three years, where he has a son, Snorri, ancestor of Albert Thorwaldsen, the Danish sculptor.] Icelandic manuscripts
Wheeling, W. Va. (West Virginia, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america
sia at 54° 40′ N. lat.] Electoral votes counted......Feb. 9, 1825 Treaty with the Creek Indians, termed the Indian spring treaty ......Feb. 12, 1825 [This treaty was signed by their chief McIntosh, and provided for the cession of all the Creek territory in Georgia and several million acres in Alabama for $400,000. The Indians repudiated the cession and killed McIntosh, about April 30.] An act appropriating $150,000 to extend the Cumberland road from Canton, on the Ohio, opposite Wheeling, to Zanesville, O., approved......March 3, 1825 An act of Congress for strengthening the laws of the United States approved......March 3, 1825 Eighteenth Congress adjourns......March 3, 1825 tenth administration—Democraticrepublican (coalition), March 4, 1825, to March 3, 1829. John Quincy Adams, Massachusetts, President. John C. Calhoun, South Carolina, Vice-President. Corner-stone of Bunker Hill monument laid......June 17, 1825 [Lafayette was present, and Daniel Webster de
rginia, and North Carolina......March 3, 1873 Forty-second Congress adjourns......March 4, 1873 Senate convenes in special session......March 4, 1873 President Grant reinaugurated......March 4, 1873 twenty-second administration—Republican, March 4, 1873, to March 3, 1877. Ulysses S. Grant, Illinois, President. Henry Wilson, Massachusetts, Vice-President. Special session of Senate adjourns......March 26, 1873 White Star steamship Atlantic wrecked on Marr's Rock, off Nova Scotia; 547 lives lost......April 1, 1873 Massacre by Indians under Captain Jack of General Canby, in the lava-beds near Fort Klamath, Cal......April 11, 1873 Rescue of nineteen persons (late of the Polaris) from floating ice in Baffin's Bay, by the sealing-vessel Tigress, Captain Bartlett, of Conception Bay, Newfoundland......April 30, 1873 One-cent postal-cards issued by the United States government......May 1, 1873 National Cheap Transportation Association organized in New York...
Ogeechee (Georgia, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america
eward replies to the French government upon mediation (see Jan. 9)......Feb. 6, 1863 Commissary-general of subsistence first appointed, with the rank of brigadier-general......Feb. 9, 1863 Territorial government established in Arizona......Feb. 24, 1863 Congress provides a national currency secured by United States bonds......approved Feb. 25, 1863 [Vote in the Senate, 23 to 21; House, 78 to 64.] Destruction of the Confederate warsteamer Nashville by the Montauk, in the Ogeechee River, Ga.......Feb. 28, 1863 Congress authorizes, besides the four major-generals and nine brigadier-generals for the regular army, forty major-generals and 200 brigadier-generals for the volunteer service; there may be appointed thirty major-generals and seventy-five brigadier-generals for the volunteers......March 2, 1863 Congress resolves that it is the unalterable purpose of the United States to prosecute the war vigorously until the rebellion is suppressed. . . . That any attempt at
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