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Specie and bank notes. --We continue to quote Gold coin at $1.90@2.25 premium; Silver. $1.00@2; Virginia and North Carolina bank notes. 26.@30 cents; South Carolina and Georgia, 27 ½@36 cents. Bonds and Stocks.--As usual at this period, transactions in stocks are very light. On the 1st prox, the interest and dividends on various bonds and stocks will be paid, and a heavy amount of currency thus thrown into circulation will seek investment in desirable securities. Sales of Confederate bonds at par continue to be made by the agents of the Treasury, but sales by brokers at ½ are reported. All other bonds and stocks remain at last quotations. Real Estate.--There is very little desirable city property in the market at this time. Dwellings are still in demand, and when offered for sale, with the guarantee of easly possession, brings high prices. Yesterday (26th) Messrs Goddin & Apperson sold a lot on the west side of West Market street, 44 by 71 feet, at $103 per foo
Corn in North Louisiana. --The North Louisiana Baptist, of the 4th inst., says: From all accounts corn is a drug in the Louisiana swamp, and can be had for almost any It is selling in Bossier for 80 cents. It is abundant in Claiborne and Bienville parishes. A large quantity is on hand. Such being the case it ought to sell for a reasonable price all over the South. Pork should not be higher than 10 or 12 cents per pound.
ing in Tennessee and Kentucky. The Chattanooga Rebel gives a list of the Abolition officers sent to Macon, and the cause of their detention. Gen. Bragg, it appears demanded of Rosecrans the release of citizens of Tennessee, held as prisoners for their loyally to the Confederate States. Rosecrans refused the demand, and Gen. Bragg then replied that he should hold all captured officers of the Federal army in close confinement as hostages for the safety of citizens so imprisoned. The following is the list: Col A B. Moore, Lieut-Col D. Hopmad, 104th, Illinois Infantry; Lieut-Col R. R. Stewart, 2d Ind Day; Maj L H Widmer, 104th Illinois infantry, Capt J. W. Kriedar, 108th Ohio, on B; Capt Cris Beck, 1st Lieut J W. Hudson, 1st Lieut Knoch Burnett, 1st Lieut Alex Hoss, 1st Lieut D Parsley, 1st Lieut Deward, 2d Lieut W G. Brush, 2d Lieut J E. Williams, 2d Lieut G W Daily, 2d Lieut Jas Kern, 2d Indiana Cavalry. All of whom were captured by Morgan at Hartsville, on the 7th inst.
Interesting from the Southwest--Grant's army Retreating. After our force had gone to press Wednesday night a telegram from Mobile came to hand stating that Gen. Van. Dorn, with a large cavalry force, and capture. Holly Springs with fifteen hundred pickets and large quantity of small arms, and had also destroyed a millions of dollars worth of Yankee Gen. J. H. Margin was acting in order with Gen. Van Dorn. He reached Jackson at about the same time and Dorn got to Holly Spring. Yankee communication with Grant's army were entirely cutoff and at last accounts Grant was as fast as possible. Another dispatched says that the enemy's gunboats assented the Yazte river on the 22d instant, and finally destroyed the residence and negro quarters in Johnson's place.
Later from the Southwest. Mobile Dec. 25. --A special dispatch to the Advertiser, dated Grenada, 24th instant, says: Gen Van Dorn's attack upon Holly Springs was made at daylight on Monday last, and was a complete success, without the loss of more than fifteen man on our side. The enemy's killed and wounded, besides the prisoners already reported, is estimated at 400. Four trains and $1,500,000 worth of army stores were destroyed. General Grant, the Abolition commander, barely escaped capture.
Negroes for sale --The Negroes be longing to the estate of the late Dr. Charles Minor, consisting of Men, Women, and Children. (if not previously sold privately,) will be offered at auction, on the first Monday in January next, (Albemarle Court day,) Charlottesville. Frane Minor, de 27 John & Monroe, Exc'tors.
A suitable reward. --Will be paid for the delivery to me, as Hypopial No. 10, Richmond, of my man Bill, 5 feet 5 inches high, stout, wet the 175 pounds. He was left sick at Manassas in September last. A. M. Browning. de 23--2aw5t
Office Richmond & Petersburg R. E. Co.Richmond, Va.,Nov.7th, 1862 Runaway.--A suitable reward will be paid for the apprehension and delivery of a negro man named John, who ran away from this company in October last. John was hired from Mr. H. B. Hoomes, of Fredericksburg. Jas. C. Laughton, no 31--ts Superintendent's Clerk
November 23rd (search for this): article 4
Ranaway --From the subscriber, on or about the 23d November my negro Boy, Davy, about 16 years old, light brown color, full head of hair, no marks recollected; was sold by W. J. Dickinson at the auction house of Dickinson & Hill in Richmond, and was purchased by H. Edmenstain, of whom I purchased him. A reasonable reward will be paid it taken up and secured in any jail an I get him again or delivered to me at Bell's E. Roads Louisa county, Va. de 24--6t M. W. Bauchan.
November 29th (search for this): article 1
tes under said cartel informing him that the explanations promised in the said letter of General Halleck of 7th August last had not yet been received, and that if no answer was sent to the Government within fifteen days from the delivery of this last communication, it would be considered that an answer is declined: And whereas by letter dated on the 3d day of the present month of December, the said Lt-Col Ludlow apprised the said Robert Ould that the above recited communication of 29th of November, had been received and forwarded to the Secretary of War of the United Stated: And whereas this last delay of fifteen days, allowed for answer has elapsed, and no answer has been received: And whereas in addition to the tacit admission resulting from the above refusal to answer I have received evidence fully establishing the truth of the fact that the said Wm. B. Mumford, a citizen of this Confederacy, was actually and publicly executed in cold blood by hanging after the occup
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