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W. H. F. Lee 312 4 Browse Search
Robert E. Lee 311 7 Browse Search
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October 19th (search for this): chapter 12
wn the Valley, and once more ensconced himself at Fisher's Hill. Sheridan continued to hold position on the north bank of Cedar Creek. Nothing more important than cavalry combats, mostly favorable to the Federal arms, took place, until the 19th of October, when Early assumed a bold offensive that was near giving him a victory as complete as the defeat he had suffered. At this time the Union force was positioned as follows: the infantry line ran along the east bank of Cedar Creek behind int at Washington. The position held by the Union force was too formidable to invite open attack, and Early's only opportunity was to make a surprise. This that officer now determined on, and its execution was begun during the night of the 18-19th October. Soon after midnight, Early, having made his dispositions at Fisher's Hill, moved forward in demonstrations against the Union right, whence the sounds of musketry announced a fight on the picket-line. But this was merely a feint—the real att
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