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Virginia (Virginia, United States) 190 0 Browse Search
Grant 139 23 Browse Search
Washington (United States) 102 0 Browse Search
Jefferson Davis 96 0 Browse Search
Stonewall Jackson 88 0 Browse Search
S. D. Lee 86 0 Browse Search
Braxton Bragg 84 2 Browse Search
Manassas, Va. (Virginia, United States) 72 0 Browse Search
United States (United States) 70 0 Browse Search
Stephen Lee 64 0 Browse Search
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n useless iron-clads, and worse than useless gunboats, been put into saucy and swift wasps like the Sumter, their stings must have driven northern commerce from the sea; and the United States ports would have been more effectually blockaded, from a thousand miles at sea, than were those of the southern fleet-bound coast. It may not be irrelevant here to allude to the finale of the Confederate cruisers; and to recall the most inane farce of all those enacted by the madmen who held power in 1866. In the January of that year, Raphael Semmes was seized and thrown into prison. He was now charged — not with having violated his parole given to General Grant, who was personally and morally responsible for his persecution — not with doing aught but obeying the laws themselves ; but he was charged with having escaped, the year before, from the custody of a man whose prisoner he was not and had never been — with having broken from a durance that ought to have existed! From incontrovert<
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