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θῆλυς , θήλεια, θῆλυ: Ep. fem. θήλεα, acc. pl.
A.-εαςIl.5.269 (Hom. has regul. fem. “θήλειαIl.8.7,al., but also θῆλυς as fem., 10.216,al., as in other poets, v. infr.): Ion. fem. θήλεα, θήλεαν, θηλέης, θηλέῃ, pl. θήλεαι, θηλέας, θηλέων, Hdt. and Hp.: gen. “θήλυδοςS.Fr.1054; acc. fem. θηλείην dub. l. in Nic.Al.42, neut. pl. “θήλειαArat.1068: Ep. also θηλύτερος indicating opposition rather than comparison (cf. ἀρρέντερος)“; θηλύτεραι δὲ γυναῖκεςIl.8.520; “θηλύτεραι δὲ θεαίOd.8.324; “μάτε ἐρσεναιτέραν μάτε θηλυτέρανSchwyzer 424 (Elis, iv B.C.); in late Prose θηλύτερος, -ύτατος occur as Comp. and Sup. (v. infr. 11): (θη- 'suckle', cf. θῆσαι):—female, θήλεια θεός a goddess, Il.8.7; Ἥρη θῆλυς ἐοῦσα being female, 19.97, cf. A.Ag.1231, S.Tr.1062, E.IT621; θήλειαι ἵπποι mares, Od.4.636, etc.; σύες θήλειαι sows, 14.16; ὄϊς θῆλυς a ewe, Il.10.216; “θήλεια μῆλαArat. 1068; θήλεια ἔλαφος a hind, Pi.O. 3.29; “θήλεα κάμηλοςHdt.3.102; θ. ἵππος ib.86; “θ. ὄρνιςS.Fr.477; ζῷα θ. Pl.Criti.110c; ἄπαις θήλεος γόνου without female issue, Hdt.3.66; “θῆλυς σποράE.Hec.659; “θήλειαι γυναῖκεςId.Or.1205; “θ. κόραιPl.Lg.764d: with masc. nouns, θῆλυς ὀρεύς the she-mule, Arist.HA 577b22; “ἄνθρωπος θῆλυςId.PA688b31: masc. pl., “θήλεις χοροίCritias 1.8D.; but “μὴ εἶναι θεοὺς ἄρρενας μηδὲ θηλείαςPhld.Piet.12.
c. τὸ θ. γένος the female sex, woman-kind, E.Hec.885; τὸ θ. alone, Id.HF536, etc.; opp. τὸ ἄρρεν, Pl.R.454d, Arist.Metaph.988a5; [“ δεῖνα] τέτοκεν θῆλυPTeb.422.18 (iii A.D.),al.
d. of plants and trees, Thphr.HP3.9.1; “θ. κάλαμοςDsc.1.85; “θῆλυς φοῖνιξAch.Tat.1.17; “θῆλυ βούτομονThphr.HP4.10.4.
2. of or belonging to women, “κουράων θῆλυς ἀϋτήOd.6.122; θήλεα νοῦσος among the Scythians (cf. Ἐνάρεες), Hdt.1.105; “νόμοςA. Ch.821 (lyr.); “φύσιςPl.R.453a; “χάριςAPl.4.<*>87 (Leont.); θ. φόνος murder by women, E.Ba.796.
II. metaph., of persons and things,
b.ὕδωρ θ. καὶ μαλακόνThphr.CP2.6.3; θηλυτέρα ὀσμή ib.6.15.4; θηλύτατον πεδίον most fruitful, Call.Fr. 296; θηλύτατον ὕδωρ of the Nile, Id.Sos.vii 5.
3. in mechanics, those parts were called female into which others fitted, as the female vertebra, Poll.2.180; “γίγγλυμοςJ.AJ3.6.3.
5. Pythag., of even numbers, Plu.2.264a, 288d.
6. Astrol., of planets, Ptol. Tetr.19; cf. “θηλυκός3c.
III. θήλειαι, αἱ, kind of cheese made in Crete, Seleuc. ap. Ath.14.650d.
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