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Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 25: capture of Fort Hindman or Arkansas Post. (search)
amp; Engineers: Acting-Chief, Henry Hartwig; Acting-Assistants, T. F. Ackerman, James Vanzant, G. W. Heisel and G. W. Aiken; Acting-Gunner, Reuben Applegate; Acting-Carpenter, James Kirkland. Steamer Lexington. Lieutenant-Commander, James W. Shirk; Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, Martin Dunn; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, L. M. Reese; Assistant Paymaster, Geo. A. Lyon; Acting-Master, James Fitzpatrick; Acting-Ensigns, Sylvester Pool and James Marshall; Acting-Master's Mates, J. G. Magler, W. E. Anderson, F. O. Blake and S. S. Willett; Engineers: Acting-Chief, Wm. H. Meredith; Acting-Assistants, Michael Kelly, J. H. Hilliard, Wm. Bishop and Job Cummins. Iron-clad steamer Baron deKalb. Lieutenant-Commander, John G. Walker; Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, J. V. Johnston; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, John Wise; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, Wm. A. Mann; Acting-Masters, Chas. Kendrick and R. H. Medill; Acting-Ensign, Charles Hunter; Acting-Masters' Mates, H. H. Gorringe, E. D. Breed, F. E. Dav
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 37: operations of the East Gulf Squadron to October, 1863. (search)
C. Jones; Engineers: Chief, Mortimer Kellogg; Assistants, H. S. Davids, H. C. McIlvaine, Edwin Wells, H. W. Scott, Edmund Lincoln and N. P. Towne; Boatswain, John Marley; Acting-Gunner, C. A. Stevenson; Carpenter, R. A. Williams; Sailmaker, J. H. North. Steamer Penguin. Commander, J. C. Williamson; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, G. B. Higginbotham; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, W. C. Cook; Acting-Masters, T. Durham, S. B. Rathbone, G. V. Cassedy and C. H. Rockwell; Acting-Master's Mates, W. E. Anderson, S. E. Foote, W. A. Beattie and W. A. Randlett; Engineers, F. W. Warner, M. P. Randall, A. B. Kinney and John Webster Steam gun-boat Sagamore. Lieutenant-Commander, Earl English; Assistant-Surgeon, W. K. Scofield; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, J. F. Wood; Acting-Masters, Wm. Fales and Edwin Babson; Acting-Master's Mates, J. A. Slamm, C. R. Fleming, F. E. Ford and G. B. Sidell; Engineers, Henry Snyder, W. H. Harris, F. G. Coggin and G. J. Lamberson. Steam gun-boat Tahoma Lieuten
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
. B. Maxwell, J. Newsom, W. R. Logan, W. R. Hammet, A. D. Cockram, J. C. Lewis, L. F. Peeple, W. W. Mostileer, B. W. Bird, R. S. Warring, D. R. Hook, W. C. Kennedy, A. J. Leverett, E. L. Samuels, Private W. C. Brogiel, S. C. Calhoun, J. M. Freeman, L. S. Haskins, J. W. Hammock, T. A. Waldrop, N. S. Waldrop, L. Adkins, J. Bruce, J. C. Christles, John Fitch, A. Garmon, M. Harmon, L. Lawson, W. T. Lawson, L. K. Oliver, Sergeant J. A. Jennings, W. C. Baker, W. E. Anderson, W. H. H. Shelton, W. L. Pirch, J. W. Bond, S. G. Mabry, J. S. Black, W. A. Witcher. J. W. White, N. B. Hooks, Corporal J. W. Jones, G. W. Broadwell, S. E. Earny, C. Rainwater, J. F. Harner, W. Kitchens, B. Hardwood, C. N. Straud, T. R Railey, G. W. Smith, J. Hicks, N. B. Ross, Wm. Gosset, W. I. Spine, E. M. Owen, J. C. Darden, Mus'n R. E. Dunham, J. M. Shelton, Private A. Osborn, A. N. Brinson, J. Burke, M. M. Broadwell, F. N. Dankin, J. Dickey, J. G
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 21. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), United Confederate Veterans. (search)
6. Alexandria, La.; Gen. Geo. O. Watts, com.; med. offi., Stephen H. Rushing, 1862, major; members, 122; disabled, 10; deaths, 3. Camp 7. Ruston, La.; Capt. Allen Barksdale, corn.; med. offi., R. Roberts, M. D., captain; members, 253; disabled, 13; deaths, 5. Camp 8. Chicago, Ill.; Capt. Jno. W. White, corn. Camp 9. New Orleans, La.; Wm. Laughlin, com.; med. offi., Joseph Jones, M. D., L. L. D., 1862, surgeon; members, 149; deaths, 6; Camp Nicholls. Camp 16. Pensacola, Fla.; W. E. Anderson, com.; members, 79; deaths, 18. Camp 11. Mobile, Ala.; Thos. P. Brewer, com.; med. offi., J. Gray Thomas, 1861, surgeon; members, 225; deaths, 14. Camp 12. Jackson, Miss.; Col. W. D. Holder, com; med. offi., Dr. F. L. Fulghan, private; members, 96; deaths, 1. Camp 13. Brooksville, Fla.; Gen. Jno. C. Davant, com.; med. Offi., J. S. Brunner; captain infantry; members, 56; deaths, I. Camp 14. Opelousa, La.; Capt. D. L. Prescott, com. Camp 15. New Orleans, La.; Col. B. F.
Washington city appointments. --The following appointments were sent into the Senate to-day: Marshal of the District of Columbia--Mr. Lammond. City Postmaster — Richard Wallach. Navy Agent--Mr. McKim. Mr. Lammond hails from Illinois, is said to be a relative of President Lincoln, and was in law partnership with him. Mr. Lammond is at present in South Carolina as the private Commissioner of the President to Gov. Pickens, and bearer of dispatches to Major Anderson. Richard Wallach, is well-known to our citizens. He has been strongly anti-Democratic, as was evidenced in the Mayoralty election, but is, notwithstanding, a popular gentleman.--Wash. States, Wednesday.
The Daily Dispatch: March 29, 1861., [Electronic resource], Affairs at Fort Sumter--a plan for reinforcements. (search)
local value in protecting Charleston, and is of no national moment whatever. Captain Fox is fully impressed with the courage, integrity and sincerity of Major Anderson, with whom, however, his communication was necessarily limited, as Gov. Pickens sent Capt. Hartstein, late of our Navy, as an escort with him to the Fort, whoby the strategy already referred to, with its attendant hazards of a desperate conflict. The supply of provisions now in the garrison will probably enable Maj. Anderson to sustain his command reasonably well until the 15th of April. From all the facts disclosed by this investigation, it is manifest that Fort Sumter must be aba Mr. Lamon, of Illinois, who also went to Charleston to make certain inquiries, will return to-morrow evening, or the next morning. After all the information has been laid before the President, and he has satisfied his own mind conclusively as to the absolute necessity, the order withdrawing Major Anderson will be approved.
The Legislature. The Senate, yesterday, passed House bills incorporating the Tobacco Savings Bank and Farmers' and Mechanics' Insurance Company, of Richmond; also, bill making an appropriation for the removal of Gen.Harry Lee's remains to Virginia, and agreed to House amendments to bill for the relief of the Orange and Alexandria Railroad. Evening sessions were resolved on. A substitute was reported for the joint resolution approving the sale of old arms to Anderson & Co. The bill for the sale and transfer of the James River and Kanawha Canal was passed, receiving the vote of all the members present. Mr. Brannon reported a substitute for the Covington and and Ohio Railroad bill. The House agreed to Senate amendments to the bill for the voluntary enslavement of free negroes, and passed Senate bill exempting the Wheeling and Belmont Bridge from taxation for six years. On motion of Mr. Seddon, Senate joint resolution authorizing the Governor to contract for the manufacture of
Twenty dollars reward. --Ran away from our mill, in Henrico county, on the 4th instant, a Negro man named Ned, about 24 years old, of dark, ginger-bread color, slender frame, about 5 feet 8 inches high, and downcast expression when spoken to. We will give the above reward of $20 if he is returned to us in this city. He is supposed to be in Charles City county. C. E.& W. E. Anderson. mh 29--4t*
the Speaker. The House were informed by a Senate communication that that body had passed, among other acts, House bill authorizing the voluntary enslavement of the free negroes of the Commonwealth, "without compensate on to the State," with amendments which were agreed to by the House. Senate bill exempting the Wheeling and Belmont Bridge Company from taxation for a period of six years, was taken up and read twice. Being put on its passage, it was advocated by Messrs.Knotth, Haymond, Anderson, Gibson of H., and Edgington, and opposed by Mr. Collier, of Petersburg. The roll was called at the suggestion of Mr. Knotth, and the bill passed — ayes 81, noes 27. The following Senate resolution was agreed to: Resolved, by the General Assembly, That Col. Augus W. McDonald have the exclusive right and privilege of printing and publishing such manuscripts obtained by him from England, and mentioned in his report to the Governor of the Commonwealth, of date of February 15th, 1861
The Daily Dispatch: March 30, 1861., [Electronic resource], Carolinian volunteers as seen by a Northerner. (search)
ired by law. The amendment was adopted. Mr. Keen moved a further amendment, striking out "six months," so that executions would not be returnable under twelve months. Mr. Burks opposed the entire bill. He had intended to vote for a stay law, but as such an one could not be framed constitutionally for the relief of all classes of creditors, he should vote against the present bill. Messrs. Robertson and Wilson opposed the substitute, which was advocated by Messrs. Duckwall and Anderson, and the vote being called on the adoption of the substitute, in place of the original bill, the House refused by a tie vote--54 to 54. On the third reading of the bill, Mr. Kaufman moved to strike out the 3d section. Mr. Segar said the bill before the House was no stay law, and he would therefore move to indefinitely postpone the whole subject. The motion was agreed to — ayes 59, noes 36. The House was informed, by a message through Mr. Douglas, of the passage by the Se
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