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hrew him into the rear and right of Cheat Mountain, the companies retiring to the pass at the foot of the mountains. The enemy, about five thousand strong, was closed in on Cheat Summit, and became engaged with detachments of the Fourteenth Indiana, Twenty-fourth and Twenty-fifth Ohio, from the summit, in all only about three hundred, who, deployed in the wood, held in check and killed many of the enemy, who did not at any time succeed in getting sufficiently near the field redoubt to give Dunn's battery an opportunity of firing into him. So matters rested at dark on the 12th, with heavy forces in front, and in plain sight of both posts' communication cut off, and the supply train for the mountain, loaded with provisions which were needed, waiting for an opportunity to pass up the road. Determined to force a communication with Cheat, I ordered the Thirteenth Indiana, under Col. Sullivan, to cut their way, if necessary, by the mail road, and the greater part of the Third Ohio and Se
seriously; Privates J. W. Holland, seriously; C. H. King, seriously; Levi Butler, slightly; Henry Meek, slightly; Levi Ryan, slightly; Wm. J. Lockwood, slightly; Samuel Henry, slightly; James McMullins, slightly; Daniel J. Crooks, slightly; James C. Bolan, slightly. Co. B--Second Lieut. John D. Merriman, slightly; First Sergt. George W. Martin, slightly; Corporal Charles Beck, left arm fractured; Private Joseph J. Hopton, slightly. Co. C--Sergeant Wm. Henthorn, supposed mortally; Privates Jonathan Dunn, supposed mortally; W. J. Henthorn, slightly; Elijah Beckett, severely; Isaiah Masters, slightly. Co. D--First Lieut. Derius Dirlam, slightly; Sergeant Hiram A. Ward, supposed mortally; Privates Wm. Jones, supposed mortally; Jonathan Ward, severely; William White, slightly; Daniel S. Coe, severely; R. B. Compton, slightly. Co. E--Privates John E. Rearich, severely in leg; Richard D. Phelps, severely, in thigh; August Fruh, slightly, on the head. Co. F--Corporal Enville A. Hasson,
Arrests by the city police. --The officers were quite busy on Saturday night, and during their peregrinations accomplished a number of arrests, included in which number are the following parties: Jas. Halley, for drunkenness and disorderly conduct in the 1st market; Peter Doyle and Jno. Dunn, for stealing a horse, worth $160, from Thos. Samson.--On entering the rooms over No. 90 Main street, by way of Exchange Alley, they found a number of negroes, who had evidently been disturbed while gaming. At this place they arrested William Jackson, slave of Jno. R. Allen, for going at large and having in his possession ten gallons of whiskey and a lot of gambling tools; also, Robert Carter, slave of Wm. B. Pleasants, for being in No.90 without a pass; Washington, slave of Thos. Jordan's estate, another occupant, for going at large, and Dick Carey, a free negro, also present without a certificate of his freedom. Dan Gorman was caged for being drunk and stealing $74 in C. S. notes from Wm
ably discharged, there being no evidence produced of his guilt. Cyrus, slave of Miles Crenshaw, was tried for stealing R. G. Morriss's cow on the 27th November, and ordered 39 lashes. John Deane and John Marx, free persons of color, emancipated since 1806, having petitioned the Court for permission to remain in the Commonwealth, it was ordered that the justices be summoned for the purpose of hearing said application on Friday next. A nolle prosequi was entered in the case of Jno. Dunn and Peter Doyle charged with grand larceny. William Pitts, charged with committing a felony on the 27th Nov., by breaking and entering the stable of Asa Snyder, in the night time, and stealing a chisel from Chas. W. Allen, worth $5, was set to the bar, and after an examination, was discharged. Jordan, slave of Jno. N. Thacker, was put on trial for stealing one gold watch, of the value of $95, and one coat, of the value of $45, on the 31st day of Oct., from James White, a free neg