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of abolition and incendiary publications; by Mr. Magruder, of amending the 8th section, chapter 200, of the new edition of the Code; by Mr. Alderson, of making an appropriation on the two and three-fifths principle to construct a bridge across the Little Kanawha, in Braxton county. Petitions, &c., Presented and Referred.--By Mr. McGruder, the remonstrance of certain citizens of Henrico against the extension of the corporate limits of Richmond; by Mr. Bassel, the petition of citizens of Randolph and upshur, praying an appropriation for the construction of a road on State account; by Mr. McKenzie, the petition of citizens of Alexandria in favor of repealing that portion of the tax law which makes vessels retailing wood take out a license. Adverse Reports.--The Committee on Finance reported adversely to the petition of Robert Alexander and others, to release John Ray of a fine. The Committee on Schools and Colleges, adversely on the resolution for paying to J. T. Irving, a sum
the Militia in 1858 and 1859; a bill to increase the pay of certain officers in the Public Guard; a bill to authorize the Adjutant General to employ an assistant in his office; a bill refunding a certain sum of money to James Hewitt. Mr. Nash, by leave, introduced a bill for the incorporation of the Manchester Savings Bank. Petitions--Mr. Newman presented a petition for the formation of a new county out of parts of Cabell. Mr. Brannon presented the petition of sundry citizens of Randolph and Pocahontas counties, for a further appropriation to the Huttonsville and Huntersville Turnpike road, and a petition for compensating Patrick Raferty and others, for work done on the Gilmer and Ritchie Turnpike. Bills Passed.--A bill to provide more efficient police regulations at the poor-houses in this Commonwealth; a bill to incorporate the Hughes' Creek Oil and Coal Company; a bill to incorporate the Ambler Oil and Coal Company; a bill to incorporate the Fayette Oil and Coal Com
ts to fix and regulate annually, the rates of ordinary keepers in the Commonwealth. Petitions, &c.--The following documents were presented and referred: By Mr. Morris, the remonstrance of Thos. Moore and others against the repeal of the road law of Marshall county; by Mr. Wood, the petition of the Regimental Board of the 88th Regiment of Virginia Militia praying for a more perfect organization of the Militia of the State; by Mr. Crane, the petition of David Gaff and 125 citizens of Randolph county, praying that Senate bill No. 60 transferring the Huttonville and Huntersville Turnpike do not pass; by Mr. Morris, the remonstrance of David Phillips and others against the repeal of the road law of Marshall county. Message from the Governor.--The Speaker presented a communication from the Governor of the Commonwealth, in response to a resolution adopted by the House on the 4th day of the present month, in regard to the sale of arms to Joseph R. Anderson & Co., which, on motion, w
bridge White Sulphur Springs Company; to enforce balances due from Commissioners of forfeited and delinquent lands; to prevent abuses of the telegraph; for the relief of the securities of Eugenius Tibbs, late Sheriff of Ritchie county; directing the payment of certain interest to E. J. O'Brien; amending an act passed March 20, 1860, authorizing the Council of Richmond to construct a Railroad in its streets. Remonstrance.--Mr. Brannon presented the remonstrance of sundry citizens of Randolph county, against changing the Eastern terminus of the Sclavin's Cabin and Summersville Turnpike. Memorial.--Mr. H. W. Thomas presented a memorial of the pilots upon the Potomac river, asking an increase in the rates of pilotage. On motion of Mr. McKenney, it was Resolved, That a special committee be appointed to inquire into the expediency of reporting bill 224 of last session. Committee--Messrs. McKenny, Carraway and Urquhart. On motion of Mr. Hubbard, it was Reso
that the subject may be finally acted upon at the earliest practicable moment." The communication from Charles Dimmock, Captain and Superintendent of the Armory, says, "it is thought indispensable to the carrying out of the law for converting the Armory into a manufactory, that the grounds and buildings occupied by the Public Guard should be appropriated for the building necessary to the heavy machinery." Petitions Presented.--By Mr. Lockridge, the petition of sundry citizens of Randolph and Pocahontas counties, for a further appropriation to the Huttonsville and Huntersville Turnpike Road; by Mr. Morris, the petition of Robert McConnell and others for the release of Ann McGuire from her imprisonment in the county jail of Marshall county; by Mr. Haymond, the petition for the relief of the securities of Edward Moore, late Sheriff of Wetzel county. Senate Bill Passed.--A message was received from the Senate by Mr. Pennybacker, who informed the House that the Senate had p
eedings on the call of the House, made yesterday, were suspended. A communication from the Senate announced the passage of a number of bills, some of which were referred, and others passed, as noted elsewhere. Bills Passed.--To amend and re-enact the second section of an act passed February 8th, 1860, to revive and amend an act passed March 1st, 1853, entitled an act to revive and amend the charter of the Little Kanawha Navigation Company: refunding to Matthew Wamsley, Jr., of Randolph county, a certain amount of money erroneously paid by him; refunding to Rev. J. Packard a sum of money erroneously paid by him; Senate bill to enable the Monticello Bank, or the Bank of the Common wealth, to establish an office of discount and deposit at Monascon, in the county of Lancaster; Senate bill to incorporate the Staffordsville Toll-Bridge Company; granting the Commonwealth's right to the real estate of Jno. Kelly, dec'd, to Owen Shee; amending the charter of the Danville Bank and to
on, Commissioner to visit the seceding States. Laid on the table and ordered to be printed. The bill to incorporate the American Agency coming up, was laid on the table and made the order of the day for Friday next. A bill to limit the right to make an entry or bring an action to recover land or the possession thereof, west of the Allegheny mountains, was made the order of the day for Monday next. Bills Passed.--House bill refunding to Matthew Walmsley, Jr., of the county of Randolph, a certain amount of money erroneously paid by him; House bill for the relief of Rev. J. Packard: House bill granting the Commonwealth's right to real estate of John Kelly, deceased, to Owen Shea; House bill for the relief of James Scott, of Greenbrier county; House bill refunding a license tax to Paul A. Farley, of the county of Lunenburg; House bill refunding to the securities of Wm. H. Blanche, late Sheriff of the county of Mecklenburg, certain damages paid by them; Senate bill for the r
noticed. The Memphis people will retaliate by every possible means within their reach. The Memphis Bulletin gives the particulars of an occurrence consequent upon the seizure: Shortly after, a dispatch was received from Helena, announcing that the steamer Westmoreland, owned at Cincinnati, had refused to obey a summons to come to at Napoleon, from which it was inferred that she had guns and ammunition aboard. Forth with the Mayor made arrangements to have the Westmoreland stopped at Randolph, but before the force detailed for the service could get off, the Westmoreland came up and landed at the Eclipse wharf-boat. The Mayor boarded her, examined her manifest, found her cargo to consist principally of rosin, sugar and molasses, and finally, with the approval of a number of citizens, concluded to hold the boat here to await orders from Governor Harris. Captain James H. Edmonson's command, the Shelby Greys, were placed in charge of the boat, with the understanding that she should
The Memphis Sappers and Miners. The Memphis Argus says: Our company of cappers and miners has proved, as we predicted it would, the most useful of all our military organizations. Into their hands the military committee committed the erection of the important battery at Randolph, and such is the practical skill of men trained by a course of civil engineering, or mathematically disciplined by the practice of architecture, that their work has been pronounced unimprovable by the regular military engineers from Montgomery, who expressed no less wonder than admiration at the skill displayed by our energetic suppers. They simply deserve the heartfelt approbation of their fellow citizens, whose safely they may almost be said to have secured.
and Norfolk. At Smithfield, the counties of Isle of Wight, Surry and Sussex. At Petersburg, the counties of Pr. George, Chesterfield and Dinwiddie. At Buffalo, Putnam County, the counties of Mason, Jackson and Putnam. At Barboursville, Cabell County, the counties of Cabell, Wayne and Logan. At Charleston, the counties of Kanawha, Boone, Wyoming, Raleigh, Fayette, Nicholas and Clay. At Parkersburg, the counties of Wood, Wirt, Roane, Calhoun, Gilmer, Ritchie, Pleasants, Doddridge. At Moundsville, the counties of Tyler, Wetzel, Marshall, Ohio, Brooke, Hancock. At Grafton, the counties of Braxton, Lewis, Harrison, Monongalia, Taylor, Barbour, Upshur, Tucker, Marion, Randolph, Preston. At Richmond, the counties of Pittsylvania, Halifax, Charlotte, Mecklenburg, Brunswick, Grayson, Nottoway, Prince Edward, Appomattox, Buckingham, Louisa, Hanover, Goochland, Powhatan, Cumberland, Henrico, Amelia, Fluvanna and the city of Richmond. my 4-- d3tcwdt
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