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Execution of a Murderer. --On Friday week Daniel Clifford was hung in the jail yard at Dubuque, Iowa, for murdering a man named Wood, whom he robbed of $27. Clifford was but 22 years of age, yet the murder was so unprovoked that hardly any sympathy has been manifested for him. He refused to eat any breakfast on the morning of the execution, and had to be supported while on his way to the gallows. Arrived there he had to be lifted up the steps. Although the body fell about seven feet when the rope was cut, the wretched man died from strangulation.
....74 Nottoway......17 Ohio......293 Orange......47 Petersburg......308 Pittsylvania......289 Portsmouth......141 Powhatan......4 Princess Anne......3 Pulaski......75 Putnam......24 Raleigh......233 Rappahannock......46 Richmond City......455 Richmond County......35 Roane......41 Rockbridge......22 Russell......347 Scott......41 Smyth......144 Southampton......43 Warwick......29 Washington......96 Webster (New co.)...... Westmoreland......298 Wood......276 Wyoming......93 York......69 the following table shows the popular vote for President in 1856: States.Dem.Rep.Amer. Alabama46,73928,552 Arkansas21,89910,795 California53,36520,69136,165 Connecticut34,99542,7152,615 Delaware8,0043086,175 Florida6,3584,833 Georgia56,58142,439 Illinois105,34896,18937,441 Indiana118,67094,37522,386 Iowa36,17043,9549,180 Kentucky74,64231467,416 Louisiana22,16420,709 Maine39,08067,1793,325 Maryland39,11528147,460 Massachus
ay40 Louisa349Petersburg439 Lunenburg21Pittsylvania300 Madison246page109 Marshall115Powhatan96 Marion129Preston55 Mecklenburg249Pulaski28 Nansemond133Rappahannock74 New Kent82Richmond City744 Northampton36Ritchie15 Northumberland40Roanoke53 Nelson20Rockbridge870 Orange95Rockingham1908 Ohio573Shenandoah400 Prince William18Spottsylvania164 Prince George49Stafford209 Portsmouth23Taylor71 Prince Edward5Tyler70 Smythe297Warren55 Taxewell520Wetzel185 Washington350Williamsburg21 Wood151 Wythe145 7,800 Bell's gain10,996 Breckinridge's gain7,800 Bell's clear gain3,196 Letcher's majority5,829 Bell's gain in the State, so far, falls short of overcoming Letcher's majority by2,633 The remaining 65 counties in the State not heard from gave Goggin 105 majority at the late Gubernatorial election. The following are the returns received by telegraph and other sources, from the State, since yesterday: Fluvanna. --Returns from seven precincts give Bre
-since our weekly report Wheat has dropped 5 Per bushel. We quote good to prime Red $1.30 to 1.35; do. White $1.50 to 1.55. the scarcity of money causes the Market to be very heavy, and there is a difference of from 10 to 20 cts. Per bushel between cash and credit Sales.--Sales for cash being 10 to 20 cts., under our quotations. Wines.--port, Burgundy $1@2.50 gallon: port Juice $2.50@4. Madeira, Sicily 45@$1.75; Old Madeira $2.50@4. Sherry, Permartin, Dud and Gordon, Amontillado $2@6. Wood--Wholesale: Oak $3.50@$3.75 cord; Pine $2.75@$3. Retail: Oak $5; Pine $4.50. Wool.--Tub Washed sold at 35@37; unwashed third less. Fleece as in quality. Whiskey.--Richmond Rectified 21@22 cents; Stearns' Old Malted Rye $1.50; other qualities 75@$1.50 gallon. Cattle, &c. Beef.--we quote extremes $2.50 to $4.50.--supply good. Hogs.--Distillery, $8@8.25; corn fed, $8.50 to $8.75. Sheep--$4 to $6 per cwt, for extra quality; interior $2.25 to $3 per head. Money matters —
Lampblack and Oil the cause of Fire. --An English manufacturer states that one of his workmen placed a ladle, which had been recently used for the purpose of measuring linseed oil, upon the top of a cask of lampblack, and a few drops of the oil fell into the cask. One evening, just before closing the works, he discovered a very disagreeable smell, and searched the factory to ascertain the cause, and, to his surprise, found the whole of the black in the cask resemble a large ball of fire, and there is no doubt that before morning it would have burst into a flame, and caused not only the destruction of the stock, but of the entire premises. My plan has been (says the above manufacturer,) since the occurrence, not to keep more black in stock than is required for present use. Wood or canvas painted with lampblack and oil ought to be carefully looked to, at least until well seasoned.
Thanksgiving in New York. --Mayor Wood has issued a proclamation calling upon the people of New York to observe Thursday next, the 29th inst., as a day of thanksgiving and supplication, in accordance with the orders of the Governor of the State. The Mayor thinks that there is little to be thankful for, either in the political, commercial or financial aspects of the country; but he invokes the people to supplicate for protection from the evils which threaten us.
ggess, Boyd, Brent, Brown, Bruce, Burdett, Burley, Byrne, Campbell, Caperton, Carlite, Carter, C. B. Conrad, R. Y. Conrad, Couch, James H. Cox, Critcher, Custis, Deskins, Dorman, Dulany, Early, Echols, Flournoy, French, Fugate, Gillespie, Gravely, Gray, Goggin, Ephraim B. Hall, Hammond, Haymond, Hoge, Holladay, Hubbard, Hughes, Hull, Jackson, Marmaduke Johnson, P. C. Johnston, Kilby, Lewis, McComas, McGrew, McNeil, C. K. Mallory, J. B. Mallory, Marshall, Marr, Marye, Maslin, Masters, Moffett, Moore, Orrick, Osburn, Patrick, Porter, Preston, Price, Pugh, Rives, Robt. E. Scott, Wm. C. Scott, Sharp, Sitlington, Slaughter, Southall, Spurlock, Staples, A. H. H. Stuart, Chapman J. Stuart, Summers, Sutherlin, Tarr, Tayloe, Thornton, Tredway, Waller, Willey, and Wisor. 90. So the amendment was defeated. The second resolution was then adopted. On motion of Mr. Jackson, of Wood, the Committee rose and reported progress; and, On motion of Mr. Echols, the Convention adjourned.
Blown away. --A few days since, one of Mr. Wm. Sears Wood's employees, while tinning a house at West Point, on the line of the York River Railroad, had a large roll of the metal blown around him by the force of the wind, and thus enveloped, was hurled to the ground, (some twenty-eight feet,) sustaining a dislocation of the shoulder, besides receiving considerable bruises about the head and other parts of the body, which will disqualify him for work for some time.
ine manufacturing in market. Stock on hand of the old crop very light, and mostly of interior quality. Wheat.--Receipts light and market firm at $1.50@$1.55 for White; $1.30@ $1.35 for Red. Whiskey.--Richmond Rectified 20½@21½ cents; Stearns' Old Maited Rye $1.50; other qualities 75 cts. @$1.50 per gallon. Wines.--Port, Burgundy $1@$2.50 per gallon; Port Juice $2.50@$4. Madeira, Sicily 45@$1.75; Old Madeira $2.50@$4. Sherry, Permartin, Duff and Gordon, Amontillado, $2@$6. Wood.--Wholesale; Oak $3,50@$3.75 per cord; Pine $2.75@$3. Retail Oak $5; Pine $4.50. Wool.--Tub Washed sold at 35@37; unwashed third less. Greece as in quality. Freights. Foreign.--Nothing to add relative to foreign freights. Domestic.--The following are the present rates as coastwise freights: New York.Boston.Philad'a. Coal. per ton$1.50$1.75$1.25 Flour, per bbl202520 Tobacco. per hhd2.503.002.50 Tobacco, per box202525 Coal to Baltimore, 3 cts per bushel;
Madison760Northampton20 Mecklenburg471Nottoway57 Marion768Ohio285 Matthews57Petersburg747 Northumberland74Portsmouth118 Orange48Powhatan98 page796Prince George52 Pleasants23Princess Anne72 Prince Edward47Pitisylvania645 Prince William479Pulaski82 Ritchie320Rappahannock80 Roanoke80Richmond City1234 Shenandoah1440Rockbridge892 Smyth50Rockingham206 Southampton23Spotsylvania187 Tyler100Stafford1 Upshur230Surry74 Warren186Taylor72 Washington280Warwick49 Wetzel549Westmoreland344 WoodtieWilliamsburg6 Wythe177 15,631 14,245 14,245 majority for Bell 1,386 the following table shows the vote in 1859, in the counties yet to be heard from: Letcher. Goggin. Boone142Braxton32 Buchanan91Clay41 Cabell91Giles111 Calhoun251Kanawha671 Craig164Lancaster49 Fayette39Lee64 Grayson113Louisa99 Hanover117Mason141 Jackson122McDowell82 Logan386Mercer128 Middlesex35Morgan13 Patrick90Nicholas61 Pendleton28Putnam24 Pocahontas285Raieigh233 Preston305Richmond
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