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Meanwhile the Athenians, seeing that the371 B.C. Plataeans, who were their friends, had been expelled from Boeotia and had f contrary, while they were partly ashamed to make war upon371 B.C. them and partly reckoned it to be inexpedient, they never my father's father received it from his father and handed371 B.C. it on to his descendants; and I also wish to make clear td the seed of Demeter's fruit. How, then, can it be right,371 B.C. either that you should ever come to destroy the fruit of So that you manifestly take pleasure in despotisms rather371 B.C. than in free governments. Again, when the King directed tnder their power. Hence I hope that now, when we have been371 B.C. taught that to seek selfish advantage is unprofitable, weerefore, we should become friends, from what quarter could371 B.C. we with reason expect any trouble? For who could prove sthich so desired might aid the injured cities, but that any371 B.C. which did not so desire was not under oath to be the ally