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route commence in a week or so. This line is much needed in directing the military operations of this department. Though the rebels may endeavor to destroy portions of it occasionally, it is thought that a small cavalry patrol can protect it quite effectually. It is sure to prove a great assistance to commanding officers along the border, in operating against guerrilla forces when they become troublesome again. Had this line been in operation when Quantrell made his raid on Lawrence last August, troops and citizens might have been collected, and directed to take up such positions as would have made his escape almost impossible. In the next place, had the line been III operation, he probably never would have made the raid. Even if the Government had not taken the matter up, it would have been a good investment for the citizens of Kansas to have taken hold of and completed at an early day. The business which the people of this section will wish to transact over the line, will, perh
important positions, if they wish to leave the service with clean records, cannot be too guarded in their dealings with those who are able to present credentials from men of high social and political standing. Money-making adventurers who are profiting by the misfortunes of the country, are, every loyal man knows, entitled to very little consideration from those who are conscientiously endeavoring to assist the Government in suppressing the rebellion. Information was received on the 7th instant, that rebel guerrillas are getting troublesome again in the vicinity of Humboldt, forty miles west of this post. It seems that they have burned some property along the Neosho River below there, besides committing some petty depredations on the property of the loyal citizens of Allen County. Fears are entertained that they may sack and burn Humboldt, as we have no troops stationed there at present. The rebels engaged in these depredations are supposed to be a part of Livingston's old b
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