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d Teleki, who, it adds, are preparing to start for Greece with a large number of Hungarians. Gen. Scott's letter to Lincoln, about "wayward sisters, depart in peace," has produced a sensation in England. Some of the papers call Gen. S. the Wellington of the United States. Madame Geffard, wife of the President of the Republic of Hayti, who is now in Paris, has presented, the Society of the Prince Imperial (a charitable association) with a donation of one thousand franc. The Enchantress, with Mr and Miss Richings in the leading characters, is nightly drawing immense audiences to Ford's Theatre, in Washington. The drafted men encamped at Harrisburg, Pa., will, it is said, move for the field of active operations in a few days. The journeymen bakers and stone-cutters of Boston have demanded an advance of wages — the former of 25 and the latter of 20 per cent. Ward, the American Mandarin and General, was killed at Rungpoo, China, in a fight, with the rebels.
s under General McClellan, and particularly with reference to the events which immediately preceded the embarkation of the bulk of his army for the Peninsula, and the plans, &c., so far as may be necessary, which led to that campaign, I wish the testimony of Major General McClellan; Governor Denison, of Ohio. Brigadier-General Wadsworth, and Colonel Key, aide-de-camp. For so much of my service as was under him I wish the testimony of Major General Pope and of Brigadier-General Roberts; General Welch, Commissary of Subsistence; Colonel Morgan, Lieutenant-Colonel Smith, Colonel Ruggles, Assistant Adjutant- General, and Colonel Schriver, &c., and, if the Court see fit to go back that far, that of Lieutenant-General Scott, by deposition; for I should dislike to trouble him with a disagreeable journey for so much of my service as was under him. Fourth--As to whether I have failed through any unworthy personal motive to go to the aid of or send reinforcements to any brother commanders,
a reconnaissance, by General through Aldie's and Snicker's Gaps, to ascertain Jackson's movements. He says Stahl scoured the country nearly to Winchester, and found that Jackson had certainly gone South. In the dispatch he says: It Snicker's Ferry Gen Stahl fell upon a large force of rebel cavalry, routed them, captured number of horses and cattle, pursued them to Berry broke up their camp, chased them to within four miles of Winchester, captured all of their of forty privates of White's battalion, and together cost them a loss of fifty in killed and Our side lost fifteen in all. It was defi contained by this reconnaissance that Jackson and left the Shenandoah Valley, being only a brigade of troops at Winchester.--on Saturday last Jackson was at Culpeper Court moving by forced marches to join Gen. Lee of Fredericksburg. The Court of Inquiry on Gen. McDowell--he Lays down the plan of investigation. The Court of Inquiry asked by Gen. McDowell assembled in Washin
and particularly with reference to General Banks at the battle of Cedar Mountain, and General Sigel at the battle of Groveton, or Manassas. On this I have to submit official papers, and with the evidence of those mentioned in the margin. Fifth--Finally I ask an investigation into the charge very generally made against me, and which affects very seriously my character — to wit, that of drunkenness. On this I wish the evidence of the following persons: Lieut-Gen. Scott, Major Gens Hunter, Wool, Pope, Sumner, Heintselman, Keyes, Franklin, Hooker, Schuyier, Hamilton, etc. At far as possible I beg leave to suggest that it may be well to take up the subjects in chronological order. It in the foregoing it shall appear that I have omitted anything, I trust to the indulgence of the Court to permit me to add whatever may be wanting. Very respectfully, Irvin McDowell, Major General After the reading of this paper the Court went into and so over two hours, when the doors
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