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Display, vb. 1) to unfold, to open, to spread wide: “when his gaudy banner is --ed,” Lucr. 272. cf. John II, 309. John II, 309 Per. I, 4, 72. “till sable Night upon the world dim darkness doth d.” Lucr. 118. “whose fair flower being once --ed,” Tw. II, 4, 40. “his hands abroad --ed,” H6B III, 2, 172.
2) to show openly: “ligh's . . . which they will at once d. to the night,” Wiv. V, 3, 17. “these black masks proclaim an enshield beauty ten times louder than beauty could --ed,” Meas. II, 4, 81. “with visages --ed,” LLL V, 2, 144. “and to sun's parching heat --ed my cheeks,” H6A I, 2, 77.
3) to show in general: “and --ed the effects of disposition gentle,” H8 II, 4, 86. “d. at last, what God will have discovered,” Tit. IV, 1, 73.
4) intr. to bristle up, to look big: “the very fellow that of late --ed so saucily against your highness,” Lr. II, 4, 41.
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