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Redress, subst. 1) amendment, remedy, deliverance from wrong: “tell thy grief, that we may give r.” Lucr. 1603. “r. of injustice,” Meas. IV, 4, 10. “wring r. from you,” V, 32. “good night to your r.” V, 32 “things past r. are with me past care,” R2 II, 3, 171. “for these foolish officers, I beseech you I may have r. against them,” H4B II, 1, 118 (satisfaction? or help?). “there is no need of any such r.” IV, 1, 97. “I take your princely word for these --es,” IV, 2, 66. “I promised you r. of these same grievances,” IV, 2, 66 “not a man comes for r. of thee,” H6C III, 1, 20 (r. to be made by thee). “he writes to heaven for his r.” Tit. IV, 4, 13. “use the wars as thy r.” Tim. V, 4, 51. “r. of all these griefs,” Caes. I, 3, 118. “if the r. will follow,” II, 1, 57. “to prick us to r.” II, 1, 57 “to have found a safe r.” Lr. I, 4, 225. “nor the --es sleep,” Lr. I, 4, 225
2) help, succour, safety: “I defy all counsel, all r., but that which ends all counsel, true r., death,” John III, 4, 23. John III, 4, 23 “the proffered means of succour and r.” R2 III, 2, 32. “no way canst thou turn thee for r.” H6A IV, 2, 25. “no hope to have r.” V, 3, 18. “then music with her silver sound with speedy help doth lend r.” Rom. IV, 5, 146. Perhaps also in H4B II, 1, 118.
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