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κεφα^λή , ,
A.head of man or beast, Hom. (v.infr.), Alc.15, etc.; once in A., Th.525 (lyr.), once in S., Aj.238 (anap.), also in E., Fr.308 (anap.), Rh.226 (lyr.), al.; “ἄλλου οὐδενὸς ἐμψύχου κ. γεύσεται Αἰγυπτίων οὐδείςHdt.2.39; κεφαλῇ . . μείζονες taller in stature, Il.3.168; so μείων . . κεφαλήν ib.193 Aristarch.: freq. with Preps.,
b. κατὰ κεφαλήν, Ep. κὰκ κεφαλήν on the head, “Ἐρύλαον . . βάλε πέτρῳ μέσσην κὰκ κεφαλήνIl.16.412, cf. 20.387, 475: in Prose, from above, X.HG7.2.8: c.gen., above, κ. κ. τινῶν γενέσθαι ib.7.2.11; τὸ κ. κ. ὕδωρ, of rain water, Thphr. HP4.10.7 (-ὴν codd.), CP6.18.10 (-ῆς): in Archit., upright, IG22.463.42; also, per head, each person (cf. infr. 1.2), Arist.Pol.1272a14, LXX Ex.16.16; “κατὰ κεφαλὴν τῶν κωμητῶνPPetr.2p.17 (iii B. C.).
2. as the noblest part, periphr. for the whole person, “πολλὰς ἰφθίμους κ.Il.11.55, cf. Od.1.343, etc.; ἶσον ἐμῇ κ. no less than myself, Il.18.82; “ἑᾷ κ.Pi.O.7.67; esp. in salutation, “φίλη κ.Il.8.281, cf. 18.114; “ἠθείη κ.23.94; “Ἄπολλον, δία κ.E.Rh.226 (lyr.): in Prose, “Φαῖδρε, φίλη κ.Pl.Phdr.264a; “τῆς θείας κ.Jul.Or. 7.212a: in bad sense, “ κακαὶ κεφαλαίHdt.3.29; “ μιαρὰ κ.Ar.Ach. 285: periphr. in Prose, “πεντακοσίας κεφαλὰς τῶν Ξέρξεω πολεμίωνHdt.9.99: in bad sense, “ μιαρὰ καὶ ἀναιδὴς αὕτη κ.D.21.117, cf. 18.153; “ κ. τῶν αὐτοῦPRein.57.8 (iv A.D.); μεγάλη κ. a great personage, Vett. Val.74.7; cf. supr. 1 b fin.
II. of things, extremity,
a. in Botany, κ. σκορόδου head ( = inflorescence) of garlic, Ar.Pl.718, cf. Plb.12.6.4; “κ. μήκωνοςThphr.HP9.8.2; ῥίζα κ. ἔχουσα πλείονας tubers, Dsc.3.120.
b. in Anatomy, κεφαλαὶ τῆς κάτω γνάθου, prob. the condyloid and coronoid processes, Hp.Art.30; κ. τοῦ ὄρχεως, = ἐπιδιδυμίς, Arist.HA510a14, cf. Gal.4.565; μηροῦ, κνήμης κ., Poll.2.186, 188; of the base of the heart, Gal.UP6.16; but, apex, Hp.Cord.7; of the sac in poulps, Arist.PA654a23, 685a5; of muscles, origin, Gal.UP7.14.
c. generally, top, brim of a vessel, Theoc.8.87; coping of a wall, X.Cyr.3.3.68; capital of a column, CIG2782.31 (Aphrodisias), LXX 3 Ki.7.16, Poll.7.121.
d. in pl., source of a river, Hdt.4.91 (butsg., mouth, “οἶδα Γέλα ποταμοῦ κεφαλῇ ἐπικείμενον ἄστυCall.Aet.Oxy.2080.48): generally, source, origin, Ζεὺς κ. (v.l. ἀρχή, Ζεὺς μέσσα, Διὸς δ᾽ ἒκ πάντα τελεῖται ῾τέτυκται codd.) Orph.Fr.21a; starting-point, “κ. χρόνουPlacit. 2.32.2 (κρόνου codd.), Lyd.Mens.3.4; κ. μηνός ib.12.
e. extremity of a plot of land, PPetr.3p.72 (iii B.C.), PFlor.50.83 (iii A.D.).
III. Ὁμηρείη κ. bust of Homer, IG14.1183.10.
IV. κ. περίθετος wig, head-dress, Ar.Th.258.
V. metaph., κ. δείπνου pièce de résistance, Alex. 172.15.
3. sum, total, “πάσας ἐρρηγείαςTab.Heracl.1.36; of money, IG12(9).7 (Carystus, iv B. C.), SIG245ii 36 (Delph., iv B. C.).
4. band of men, LXX Jb.1.17; right-hand half of a phalanx (opp. οὐρά), Arr.Tact.8.3, Ael.Tact.7.3.
5. Astron., κ. τοῦ κόσμου, of Aries, Heph.Astr.1.1. (ghebh-, cf. κεβλή and Engl. gable.
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