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τίνω , Il.3.289, al., (ἀπο-) IG5(1).1390.76 (Andania, i B.C.), etc.: Ion. impf.
A.τίνεσκονA.R.2.475: fut. τείσω ἐκ-) IG22.412.6 (iv B.C.), (ἀπο-) Epigr.Gr.1132 (Att. vase, iv B.C.), PPetr.3p.55 (iii B.C.), IG7.3073.1 (Lebad., ii B.C.), etc.; Cypr. 3sg. “πείσειInscr.Cypr.135.12 H.: aor. ἔτεισα ἀπ-) SIG47.15 (Locr., v B.C.), 663.25 (Delos, iii/ii B.C.), PPetr.3p.41 (iii B.C.), etc.: freq. written τίσω ἔτισα in Hellenistic and later Inscrr. and Pap., and in codd. of all authors (fut., Od.8.348, A.Ch.277, S.Aj.113, etc.; aor., Od. 24.352, Pi.O.2.58, S.OT810, etc.): in Hom. confused (both in codd. and printed texts) with τίσω ἔτισα fut. and aor. of τίω, and only to be distd. by the sense: pf. τέτεικα ἀπο-) SIG437.6 (Delph., iii B.C.); part. “τετεικώςLyc.765 (τετικώς, τεθεικώς codd.) (v. ἐκτίνω):—Med., pres. first in Thgn.204 (only τίνυμαι in Hom.): fut. “τείσομαιOd.13.15, al.: aor. “ἐτεισάμην3.197, 15.236, al. (τισ- codd.):—Pass., aor. “ἐξ-ετείσθηνIG22.1613.198, D.39.15, 59.7: pf. 3sg. “ἐκ-τέτεισταιPl.Phdr.257a, D.24.187. [τι_νω (from Τίνϝω) in Ep., also Thgn.204, Herod.2.51, AP7.657 (Leon.); τι^νω in Trag., as A.Pr.112, S.OC635, E.Or.7; also in Pi.P.2.24 (Med.) and Sol. 13.31; also in some Epigrammatists, as Simm.25.1, AP9.286 (Marc. Arg.).]
I. Act., pay a price by way of return or recompense, mostly in bad sense, pay a penalty, with acc. of the penalty, “τ. θωήνOd.2.193; “τιμήν τινιIl.3.289; “ποινάςPi.O.2.58, A.Pr.112, Theodect. 8.9; “δίκηνS.Aj.113, El.298, Fr.107.9, 2 Ep.Thess.1.9, etc.; also τ. ἴσην (sc. δίκην) S.OT810; “διπλῆνPl.Lg.946e; τὸ ἥμισυ ib.767e (s. v.l.); μείζονα τὴν ἔκτ<ε>ισίν τινι ib.933e; τὴν προσήκουσαν τιμωρίαν ib.905a, cf. Trag.Adesp.490:—but also
b. in good sense, pay a debt, acquit oneself of an obligation, ζωάγρια τ. Il.18.407; “τείσειν αἴσιμα πάνταOd.8.348; εὐαγγέλιον (reward for bringing good news) 14.166; τ. χάριν τινί render one thanks, A.Pr.985; “τ. γῇ δασμόνS.OC635; “ἰατροῖς μισθόνX.Mem.1.2.54:—also simply,
c. repay, c. acc. rei, “τροφάς τινιE.Or.109:—in various phrases, τ. ἀντιποίνους δύας repay equivalent sorrows, A.Eu.268 (lyr.); φόνον φόνου ῥύσιον τ. S.Ph.959; αἱμάτων παλαιτέρων τ. μύσος send one pollution in repayment for another, A.Ch.650(lyr., Lachm., for τείνει)“; ἀρᾶς τ. χρέοςId.Ag.457 (lyr.).--Constr.:
1. c. acc. of the thing paid or of the thing repaid (v. supr.).
2. less freq. c. dat., κράατι τείσεις with thy head, Od.22.218; “ψυχῇA.Ch.277.
3. c. dat. of pers. to whom payment is made (v. supr.).
4. c. dat. of the penalty, “τ. θανάτῳ ἅπερ ἦρξενId.Ag.1529 (anap.); τύμμα τύμματι ib.1430 (lyr.).
5. with gen. of the thing for which one pays, τ. ἀμοιβὴν βοῶν τινι pay him compensation for the cows, Od.12.382; τ. τινὶ ποινήν τινος pay one retribution for . . , Hdt.3.14, 7.134; τ. μητρὸς δίκας for thy mother, E.Or.531; ἀντὶ πληγῆς πληγὴν τ. A.Ch.313 (anap.): also with acc. of the thing for which one pays, the price being omitted, pay or atone for a thing, “τείσειαν Δαναοὶ ἐμὰ δάκρυα σοῖσι βέλεσσιIl.1.42; “τ. ὕβρινOd.24.352; τ. φόνον or λώβην τινός, Il.21.134, 11.142; “κακάThgn.735; “διπλᾶ δ᾽ ἔτεισαν Πριαμίδαι θἀμάρτιαA. Ag.537: less freq. c. acc. pers., τείσεις γνωτὸν τὸν ἔπεφνες thou shalt make atonement for the brother thou hast slain, Il.17.34.
6. abs., make return or requital, Sol.13.29; “παθόντα οὐκ ἐπίστασθαι τίνεινS.OC 1203, cf. 230 (lyr.).
II. Med., have a price paid one, make another pay for a thing, avenge oneself on him, punish him, freq. from Hom. downwards.--Constr.:
1. c. acc. pers., Il.2.743, Od.3.197, Hdt.1.10,123, S.OC996, etc.
2. c. gen. criminis, τείσασθαι Ἀλέξανδρον κακότητος punish him for his wickedness, Il.3.366, cf. Od.3.206, Thgn. 204 (where ἀμπλακίης, v.l. -ίας), Hdt.4.118, etc.; “τ. τινὰ ἐφ᾽ ἁμαρτωλῇThgn.1248; “ὑπέρ τινοςHdt.1.27,73.
3. c. acc. rei, take vengeance for a thing, τείσασθαι φόνον, βίην τινός, Il.15.116, Od.23.31; “λώβηνIl.19.208, etc.
4. c. dupl. acc. pers. et rei, ἐτείσατο ἔργον ἀεικὲς ἀντίθεον Νηλῆα he made Neleus pay for the misdeed, visited it on his head, Od.15.236; “Ζεῦ ἄνα, δὸς τείσασθαι, με πρότερος κάκ᾽ ἔοργε, δῖον ἈλέξανδρονIl.3.351; τείσασθαί τινα δίκην exact retribution from a person, E.Med.1316 (dub.l.).
6. abs., repay oneself, indemnify oneself, ἡμεῖς δ᾽ αὖτε ἀγειρόμενοι κατὰ δῆμον τεισόμεθ' Od.13.15. (Root q[uglide][icaron]- [alternating with q[uglide]ei- and q[uglide]oi-] 'pay': τι^-νϝ-ω, τι^-σις, τεί-σω [Cypr. πείσει], ἔ-τει-σα [cf. ἀππεισάτου s.v. ἀποτίνω], ποι-νή (q.v.): Skt. cáy-ate 'avenge, punish': ápa-ci-tis 'vengeance':—not related to τίω.)
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