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arbustum , i, n. qs. for arbosetum from arbos, as virgultum for virguletum, salictum for salicetum, etc.; an inferior form is arboretum, q. v.,
I.a place where trees are planted (esp. trees, about which the vine was trained), an orchard, plantation, vineyard planted with trees, δενδρών (while vinea was one in which the vine lay upon the earth, or was supported by poles): “Jam vinctae vites, jam falcem arbusta reponunt,Verg. G. 2, 416.
II. Transf., for the most part in the plur. collect. for arbores, in the poets, on account of its quantity, ārbŏrēs: locos, Ingenio arbusta ubi nata sunt, non obsita, Naev. ap. Non. p. 323, 2 (Trag. Rel. p. 10 Rib.): “e terrāque exorta repente arbusta salirent,trees springing up suddenly from the earth, shot forth, Lucr. 1, 187: “florescunt tempore certo arbusta,trees blossom at the appointed time, id. 5, 671; so id. 1, 351; 1, 806; 1, 808; 2, 188; 2, 1016; 5, 912; 5, 1378; 6, 141; Verg. E. 1, 40; 2, 13; 4, 2; 5, 64; id. G. 3, 328; id. Copa, 27; id. A. 10, 363; Ov. M. 1, 286; 2, 710 al.—So also perh. in the sing. for a single tree: “cum me arbustum videre Miconis incidere falce,Verg. E. 3, 10.—In the Vulg. only in plur., and there for rami, boughs, branches: arbusta ejus (vitis) cedros Dei, Psa. 79, 11: Multiplicata sunt arbusta ejus, Ezech. 31, 5; 31, 7; 31, 12.
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