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ārĭdĭtas , ātis, f. aridus,
I.dryness, drought.
I. A.. Lit.: “ariditatem ampliare,Plin. 11, 35, 41, § 117: “myrtus siccata usque in ariditatem,id. 15, 29, 37, § 123: “ariditas aquae,Vulg. Judith, 11, 10.—In the plur.: “ariditatibus temperamenta ferre,Arn. 2, 69.—
B. In Pall. meton. (abstr. pro concr.), any thing dry, withered, or parched: “cum fimi ariditate miscenda est, i. e. fimo arido,Pall. 3, 4: “ariditatem recidere,the dry, dead wood, id. 3, 21, 2.—
II. Trop., a being withered, dryness: “stipula ariditate plena,Vulg. Nah. 1, 10: “bracchium ejus ariditate siccabitur,ib. Zach. 11, 17; and meton. (abstr. for concr.), of meagre, scanty food, Salv. 1, 1 sq.
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