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at-tondĕo (better than adt- ), tondi, tonsum, 2, v. a. (
I.perf. redupl. sync. attodisse = attotondisse or attondisse, Verg. Cat. 8, 9: “* attondi = attonderi,Veg. Art. Vet. 2, 28, 36), to shave, shear, clip, crop (rare, and mostly poet.; “syn.: tondeo, carpo, puto): rusticus Saturni dente relictam Persequitur vitem attondens,pruning, he cuts off the vine around, Verg. G. 2, 407: “caput attonsum,Cels. 4, 3; and Vulg. Ezech. 44, 20: “comam,ib. Lev. 19, 27; so, “ad cutem,Scrib. Comp. 10.—Poet., to gnaw at, nibble: “tenera attondent virgulta capellae,Verg. E. 10, 7: “attonsa arva,” i. e. fed down, Luc. 6, 84: “prata,Aus. Mos. 203.—Trop.: consiliis nostris laus est attonsa Laconum, shorn, i. e. diminished, lessened, vet. poët. ap. Cic. Tusc. 5, 17, 49 (as transl. of the Gr. Ἡμετέραις βουλαῖς Σπάρτη μὲν ἐκείρατο δόξαν, Plut. 2, p. 1098): “sic quoque attondentur,cut off, Vulg. Nahum, 1, 12: attondere aliquem, i. e. to cheat, fleece (cf. admutilo), Plaut. Capt. 2, 2, 18; “and in a pun: attonsae quidem ambae usque sunt (oves),id. Bacch. 5, 2, 7; 5, 1, 9: “metuo, si senex resciverit, Ne ulmos parasitos faciat, quae usque attondeant,rough-hew me, id. Ep. 2, 3, 6 (cf. Horace's fuste dolat, S. 1, 5, 23).
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