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carptim , adv. carptus, carpo (in the ante-Aug. per. very rare; not in Cic.), pieces, by detached parts, in parts, separately: “favos congerere in qualum,Col. 9, 15, 12: “res gestas carptim perscribere,Sall. C. 4, 2 Kritz; cf. Plin. Ep. 6, 22, 2; 8, 4, 7: “carptim divisis agris,into small pieces, Suet. Dom. 9: “carptim breviterque perstringi,Plin. Pan. 25, 1 Schwarz.—
II. Meton.
A. At different places or points, on different sides: “aggredi,Liv. 44, 41, 7: “carptim Poeni pugnavere,id. 22, 16, 2: “superesse,Suet. Dom. 9.—
B. Opp. to that which happens at once, at different times, at one time and another, now and then: “ut ad stipendium petendum convenirent Carthaginem, seu carptim partes, seu universi mallent,Liv. 28, 25, 10: “dimissi carptim ac singuli,Tac. H. 4, 46: “si (corvi) carptim vocem resorbebunt,at intervals, Plin. 18, 35, 87, § 362.
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