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dis-penso , āvi, ātum, 1, v. freq. a.
I. Orig. of money, to distribute by weight, to disburse, pay out (for syn. cf.: “partior, impertio, distribuo, divido): ducentos nummos (sc. inter milites),Plaut. Bacch. 4, 9, 47.—
B. In gen., to manage, regulate household expenses: “domesticas res,Cic. Att. 11, 1; cf. Juv. 7, 219: “eligere aliquem ad dispensandam pecuniam,to have charge of the military chest, Nep. Con. 4.—Absol.: “dispensat pueris vilicus,distributes rations, Mart. 12, 18, 22.—
II. Transf., of other things, to dispense, distribute, arrange (for syn. cf.: dispono, digero, ordino, compono).
B. Trop., to manage, regulate, control, distribute: “inventa non solum ordine, sed etiam momento quodam atque judicio dispensare atque componere,Cic. de Or. 1, 31, 142: “quasi dispensare rem publicam et in ea quodam modo vilicare,id. Rep. 5, 3, 5; Just. 7, 6, 4: “laetitiam inter impotentes populi animos,” i. e. to impart to them by degrees, Liv. 27, 50 fin.: “male dispensata libertas,Sen. Ben. 1, 10: “quae dispensant mortalia fata sorores,Ov. H. 12, 3 et saep.: consilium dispensandae cohonestandaeque victoriae imperatoribus majores dederunt nostri (qs. to arrange as the general's manager; the fig. acc. to I. B., v. also dispensator), Liv. 38, 47.—Absol.: si modo recte dispensare velis, to dispense, arrange ( = administrare), Hor. S. 1, 2, 75.
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