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monstro , āvi, ātum, (archaic mostro; v. Brix ad Plaut. Trin. 2, 2, 61), 1, v. a. like monstrum, from moneo, show, point out, to indicate, intimate, inform, advise, teach, instruct, tell any thing (in class. prose very rare, and only in the lit. signif.; in Cic. only a few times; in Cæs. and Sall. not at all; syn.: indico, significo, ostendo, exhibeo).
I. In gen.: qui erranti comiter monstrat viam, Enn. ap. Cic. Off. 1, 16, 51 (Trag. v. 387 Vahl.); cf.: qui sibi semitam non sapiunt, alteri monstrant viam, id. ap. Cic. Div. 1, 58, 132 (Trag. v. 358 Vahl.): “iter,Curt. 5, 13, 9: “palmam,Cic. Leg. 1, 1, 2: “digito,Hor. S. 2, 8, 26; Pers. 1, 28: “monstra quod bibam,Plaut. Men. 5, 1, 42; Ter. Ad. 4, 2, 31: “tu ... si quid librari ... non intellegent, monstrabis, i. e. dices,Cic. Fam. 16, 22, 1: “res gestae ... Quo scribi possent numero, monstravit Homerus,Hor. A. P. 73: “inulas ego primus amaras Monstravi incoquere,id. S. 2, 8, 51 sq.: “monstrate mearum Vidistis si quam hic errantem forte sororum,Verg. A. 1, 321: “cujus prudentia monstrat Summos posse viros ... nasci, etc.,Juv. 10, 48.—Pass.: “quod monstror digito praetereuntium,Hor. C. 4, 3, 22.— Impers. pass.: si voles advortere animum, comiter monstrabitur, Enn. ap. Varr. L. L. 7, § 89 Müll. (Trag. v. 386 Vahl.).—
II. In partic.
A. To ordain, institute, appoint (poet.): “monstratas excitat aras,appointed, Verg. G. 4, 549: “piacula,id. A. 4, 636: “ignis,Ov. Tr. 3, 11, 53.—
B. To indict, impeach for a crime, to denounce, accuse, inform against (post-Aug.): “alii ab amicis monstrabantur,were pointed out, informed against, Tac. H. 4, 1: “Nerone Scribonios fratres ... ad exitium,id. ib. 4, 41.—
C. To advise a person in any manner, or to do any thing: “alicui bene,Plaut. Bacch. 1, 2, 25: “non periclumst ne quid recte monstres,id. Ps. 1, 3, 55: “conferre manum pudor iraque monstrat,advise, urge, Verg. A. 9, 44.—Hence, monstrātus , a, um, P. a., conspicuous, distinguished, remarkable (Tacitean): “et hostibus simul suisque monstrati,Tac. G. 31: “propinquitate Galbae monstratus,id. H. 1, 88.
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