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prae-cello , ĕre (collat. form, acc. to the 2d conj.;
I.pres. praecellet, Plaut. Ps. 2, 3, 13; perh. originally written praecellit), v. a. and n., to rise above others.
I. Act., to surpass, excel any one (post-Aug.; “syn. antecello): praecellere aliquam fecunditate,Tac. A. 2, 43; Dig. 50, 2, 6.—
II. Neutr.
B. Alicui.
1. To be superior to, to excel: “mortalibus,Sil. 15, 74.—
2. To preside or rule over (Tacitean): “genti,Tac. A. 12, 15.—Hence, prae-cellens , entis, P. a., surpassing, excellent, eminent, distinguished (class.).
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