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plūmo , āvi, ātum, 1, v. a. and n. pluma.
I. Act.
A. To cover with feathers, to feather (poet. and post-Aug.): “plumato corpore corvus, Cic. poët. N. D. 2, 44, 114: molli plumatā lanugine,Plin. 8, 32, 50, § 117: “plumare se in avem,” i. e. to transform, App. M. 3, p. 138, 18.—
B. To embroider (poet. and post-class.): “pars auro plumata nitet, pars ignea cocco,Luc. 10, 123; Vop. Carin. 20: “plumato amictus aureo Babylonico,Petr. Poet. 55, 6.—
C. To cover with scales (post-class.): “loricae plumatae,Just. 41, 2, 15.—
II. Neutr., to put forth or get feathers, to become fledged (postclass.): “pullis jam jam plumantibus,Gell. 2, 29.
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