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sponsĭo , ōnis, f. spondeo, jurid. and publicists' t. t.,
I.a solemn promise or engagement to some performance (in bargains, covenants, treaties, etc.); a promise, guarantee, security, sponsion for any one (freq. and class.; cf.: pactio, foedus).
II. In partic., in civil suits, a mutual agreement or stipulation of the parties, that he who loses should pay a certain sum to him who gains the cause, a sort of wager at law: per sponsionem hoc modo agimus; “provocamus adversarium tali sponsione: si homo quo de agitur ex jure Quiritium meus est, sestertios XXV. nummos dare spondes?Gai. Inst. 4, 93: “condicio Quintio fertur, ut, si id factum negaret ceteraque, quae objecisset, sponsione defenderet sese,Liv. 39, 43, 5: “in probrum suum sponsionem factam,id. 40, 46, 14; hence, sponsio (sponsionem facere) si non (ni), a wager that, to agree to make a payment if not: “ut sponsionem facere possent, ni adversus edictum praetoris vis facta esset,Cic. Caecin. 16, 45: “sponsio est, ni te Apronius socium in decumis esse dicat,Cic. Verr. 2, 3, 59, § 135: “sponsionem milium nummūm facere cum lictore suo, ni furtis quaestum faceret,id. ib. 2, 5, 54, § 131; cf.: “jubet Quinctium sponsionem cum Sex. Naevio facere, si bona sua ex edicto dies XXX. possessa non essent,id. Quint. 8, 30; id. Fam. 7, 21 init.; id. Pis. 23, 55: “sponsione optime facere posse,id. Caecin. 16, 45; id. Off. 3, 19, 77: “Apronium sponsione lacessivit,Cic. Verr. 2, 3, 57, § 132: “sponsione vincere,id. Quint. 27, 84.—Post-class., with quod: “de sponsione quam is cum adversario, quod vir bonus esset, fecerat,Val. Max. 7, 2, 4: “sponsionem provocare, quod, etc.,id. 2, 8, 2; 6, 1, 10.—With acc. and inf.: “Cleopatra sponsione revocavit, insumere se posse, etc.,Macr. S. 2, 13.—
2. Hence, in gen., a bet, betting: “audax,Juv. 11, 202.—
B. Meton., a sum of money deposited according to agreement, a stake, acc. to Varr L. L. 6, § 70 Müll.
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