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Fabius. One of the principal generals of the emperor Vitellius. In A.D. 69 he marched into Italy through Gaul, and, after forming a junction with the forces of Caecina, defeated Otho in the decisive battle of Bedriacum, which secured for Vitellius the sovereignty of Italy. Vitellius raised Valens and Caecina to the consulship, and left the whole government in their hands. Valens remained faithful to Vitellius when Antonius Primus, the general of Vespasian, marched into Italy; but as he had not sufficient force to oppose Antonius after the capture of Cremona, he resolved to sail to Gaul and rouse the Gallic provinces to support the cause of Vitellius. He was taken prisoner at the islands of the Stoechades (Hyères), off Massilia, and was shortly afterwards put to death at Urbinum (Urbino) ( Hist. i. 7, 52-66; ii. 24-30, 56, 92, 99; iii. 40, 62; Plut. Oth. 6). See Vitellius.

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