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TAANACH (Θανάκ and Θαναάχ), a town in Palestine, not far from Megiddo, with which it is generally mentioned, was originally one of the royal cities of the Canaanites. (Josh. 12.21; Judges, 5.19; 1 Kings, 4.12.) It was assigned to Manasseh (Josh. 17.11), but was afterwards one of the cities given to the Levites. (Josh. 21.25.) “Taanach by the waters of Megiddo” was the scene of the great battle of Deborah and Barak. (Judges, 5.19.) In the time of the Judges the Canaanitish inhabitants still remained in Taanach (Judges, 1.27), but in the reign of Solomon it appears as an Israelitish town. (1 Kings, 4.12.) Eusebius describes it as 3 Roman miles, and Jerome as 4 Roman miles from Legio, which is undoubtedly the Megiddo of Scripture. [LEGIO] Taanach is still called Ta'annuk, a village standing on the slope of the hills which skirt the plain of Esdraelon towards the south. (Robinson, Bibl. Res. vol. ii. p. 316, vol. iii. p. 117, 2nd ed.; Stanley, Sinai and Palestine, p. 331.)

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