The Anthology gives no name, but there is no reason to suspect the authenticity. The style is strikingly like that of Leonidas in his dedicatory epigrams; cf. A. Pal. 82 (Leonid. 82, Geffck.): “ Θῆρις δαιδαλόχειρ τᾷ Παλλάδι πῆχυν ἀκαμπῆ
     καὶ τετανὸν νώτῳ καμπτόμενον πρίονα:
καὶ πέλεκυν ῥυκάναν τ᾽ εὐπαγέα καὶ περιαγὲς
     τρύπανον ἐκ τέχνας ἄνθετο παυσάμενος:

” another indication of close connexion between Theocritus and the Tarentine.

[4] ἐμαλοφόρει cf. Id. ii. 120.

πήραν Id. i. 49.

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