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25. Of MAGNESIA, a Greek grammarian, a contemporary of Cicero and Atticus. (Cic. Att. 8.11, 4.11.)


περί ὁμονοιας

He had, in Cicero's recollection, sent Atticus a work of his on concord, περί ὁμονοιας, which Cicero also was anxious to read.

Περί ὁμωνύμων τοιητῶν καί συγγραφέων

A second work of his, which is often referred to, was of an historical and philological nature, and treated of poets and other authors who bore the same name. (Περί ὁμωνύμων τοιητῶν καί συγγραφέων; D. L. 1.38, 79, 112, 2.52, 56, 5.3, 75, 89, 6.79, 84, 88, 7.169, 185, 8.84, 9.15, 27, 35, 10.13; Plut. Vit. X Oral. pp. 844, b., 847, a., Demosth. 15, 27, 28, 30; Harpocrat. s. v. Ἰσαῖς, and many other passages; Athen. 13.611; Dionys. Deinarch. 1.) This important work, to judge from what is quoted from it, contained the lives of the persons treated of, and a critical examination of their merits.

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