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*Lo/ggos), a Greek sophist, who is believed to have lived in the fourth or at the beginning of the fifth century of our era. Concerning his history nothing is known, but it is probable that he lived after the time of Heliodorus, for there are some passages in his work which seem to be imitations of Heliodorus of Emesa.


Daphis and Chloe

Longus is one of the erotic writers whom we meet with at the close of ancient and the beginning of middle age history. His work bears the title Ποιμενικῶν τών κατὰ Δάφνιν καὶ Χλόην, or in Latin, Pastoralia de Daphnde et Chloe, and is written in pleasing and elegant prose, but is not free from the artificial embellishments peculiar to that age.


It was first printed at Florence (1598, 4to), with various readings, by Columbanius.

A very good edition is that of Jungermann (Hanau, 1605, 8vo.), with a Latin translation and short notes. Among the more recent editions we may mention those of B. G. L. Boden (Lips. 1777, 8vo., with a Lat. transl. and notes), Villoison (Paris, 1778, 2 vols. 8vo. and 4to., with a very much improved text), Mitscherlich (Bipont. 1794, 8vo., printed together with the Ephesiaca of Xenophon, and a Lat. transl. of both), G. H. Schaefer (Lips. 1803, 8vo.), F. Passow (Lips. 1811, 12mo., with a German transl.), and of E. Seiler (Lips. 1843, 8vo.).


There is an English translation of Longus by G. Thornley, London, 1657, 8vo.


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