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Marcelli'nus Comes

so called on account of the office of comes, which he held probably at Constantinople, was a native of Illyricum.


Marcellinus Comes is said to have written IV. Libri de Temporum Qualitatibus et Positionibus Locorum, which is much praised by Cassiodorus (De Institutione Divinarum Liber., 100.7), but which is lost.


He wrote besides a short Chronicon, which begins with the consulship of Ausonius and Olybrius, or the accession of Theodosius the Great, in A. D. 379, and goes down to the accession of Justin I., in 518.


This is the original work of Marcellinus as published in the editio princeps by Sconhovius. Another writer continued the work till the fourth consulate of Justinian the Great, in 534. The latter part is contained in the edition of Jo. Sirmond, Paris, 1619, 8vo.


The compilation of Marcellinus, who lived probably at the end of the fifth and in the beginning of the sixth century of our era, is not without some value, and is often quoted by modern historians.

Further Information

Fabric. Bibl. Lat. vol. ii. p. 616.


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