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Marcellus Clau'dius

18. M. Claudius Marcellus Aeserninus, quaestor in Spain in 48, under Q. Cassius Longinus. Drumann supposes him to be a son of the preceding, with whom Orelli, on the contrary, regards him as identical. (Onomast. Tullian.) Cassius sent him with a body of troops to hold possession of Corduba, on occasion of the mutiny and revolt excited in Spain by his own exactions. But Marcellus quickly joined the mutineers, though, whether voluntarily or by compulsion, is not certain; and put himself at the head of all the troops assembled at Corduba, whom he retained in their fidelity to Caesar, at the same time that he prepared to resist Cassius by force of arms. But though the two leaders, with their armies, were for some time opposed to one another, Marcellus avoided coming to a general engagement; and on the arrival soon after of the proconsul, M. Lepidus, he hastened to submit to his authority, and place the legions under his command at his disposal. By the questionable part he had acted on this occasion Marcellus at first incurred the resentment of Caesar, but was afterwards restored to favour. (Hirt. B. Alex. 57-64; D. C. 42.15, 16.)

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