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3. Of BITERRAE or BAETERRAE (the modern Beziers), in Gaul, of which city he was bishop about A.D. 420.


Some have thought that the Acta S. Genesii notarii Arelatensis are to be ascribed to this Paulinus rather than to Paulinus of Nola, under whose name they have been commonly published.

Encyclical Letter

Paulinus of Biterrae wrote an encyclical letter, giving an account of several alarming portents which had occurred at Biterrae. This letter is lost. Oudin has mistakenly said that it is cited in the Annales of Baronius.

Other works

Possibly Paulinus of Biterrae is the Pautlinus to whom Gennadius (De Viris Illustribus, 100.68) ascribes several Tractatus de Initio Quadragesimae, &c.

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