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*Sa/turos), a physician in the second century after Christ, a pupil of Quintus (Galen, De Anatom. Admin. 1.1, 2, vol. ii. pp. 217, 225; De Antid. 1.14, vol. xiv. p. 71; Comment. in Hippocr. " De Nat. Hom." 2.6, vol. xv. p. 136; Comment. in Hippocr. " Praedict. I." 1.5, vol. xvi. p. 524; Comment. in Hippocr. " Epid. III." 1.29, vol. xvii. pt. i. p. 575), whose opinions he accurately preserved and transmitted to his own pupils without addition or omission (id. De, Ord. Libror. Suor. vol. xix. p. 58). He passed some years at Pergamus (id. vol. ii. p. 224), where he was one of Galen's earliest tutors, about the year 149 (id. vol. ii. p. 217, 14.69, 15.136, 16.484, 524, xvii. A. 575, 19.57). He wrote some anatomical works (id. vol. xv. p. 136). and a commentary on part (if not the whole) of the Hippocratic Collection (id. vol. xvi. pp. 484, 524); but none of his writings are now extant.


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