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MEDIOLANUM (Malain) Côte-d'Or, France.

Situated 20 km W of Dijon, in the civitas of the Lingones. On the boundary of the present-day villages of Ancey and Malain, near the River Ouche, were found some carved blocks from the city. One of them bears a dedication to Litavis and Cicoluis. Recent excavations have uncovered a fanum consisting of a square temple with a gallery surrounding it and an adjacent courtyard, outside the settlement. We now have evidence of the latter in a large block of houses, regular in plan, arranged on two levels on a slope. The lower level comprises some stone cellars, which are remarkably well preserved. On the upper level is a large room opening on a portico, which had a religious purpose, at least at a certain point in its history. The buildings, of Roman type, are superimposed on thick strata corresponding to structures with wooden posts, built in the Celtic style, which the Roman ones succeeded in the Claudian period. Occupation of the site in the valley may not have taken place until the Roman Conquest; future excavations may show whether, as it appears, a hill settlement on the nearby Butte de Mesmont was moved to a more favorable site, then occupied once more in the early Middle Ages.


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