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ZILIS (Dchar Jedid) Morocco.

An Augustan colony of W Mauretania (Iulia Constantia Zilis) mentioned by Pliny and the Roman geographers. Because of a doubtful toponymic similarity it is usually placed at Asilah, which however has no Roman ruins. The site should rather be identified with the extensive ruins of Dchar Jedid 13 km to the NE: there, inside a vast surrounding wall, can be seen the remains of a temple, some houses, baths, large cisterns, and what is probably a theater. The site was occupied from the first years of the Christian era until at least the 4th c. A.D. The port lay 5 km to the W, on the right bank of the Gharifa, at Kouass, where some scattered ruins attest to its occupation in ancient times: potters' kilns in use from the 5th to the 1st c. B.C.; a pre-Roman fortified surrounding wall 48 m long (3d to 1st c. B.C.?); fish-salting works, and a Roman aqueduct.


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