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No. 128. reports of Lieut. Col. James B. Cahill, Sixteenth Illinois Infantry.

Hdqrs. Sixteenth Illinois Infty. Vet. Vols., Near Atlanta, Ga., September 8, 1864.
Captain: In compliance with orders, I have the honor to make the following detailed report of the part taken by the Sixteenth Regiment Illinois Infantry in the late campaign from May 2, 1864, to August 24, 1864:

On the morning of the 2d of May the regiment, together with detachments of non-veterans from the Tenth and Fourteenth Michigan Infantry, in all about 850 effective men, and under command of Col. R. F. Smith, marched with the brigade, commanded by Brig. Gen. James D. Morgan, from Rossville, Ga., to Ringgold, Ga., arriving at 2 p. m.; distance marched, twelve miles. May 3 and 4, remained in camp at Ringgold, nothing of importance transpiring, except the falling of a tree, killing Private Whaley, Tenth Michigan Infantry. May 5, in obedience to orders, the regiment moved at sunrise, passed through Hooker's Gap, drove back the enemy's outposts, and encamped in a fine open field about three miles from former camp. May 6, remained in camp through the day; three days rations issued to the regiment this p. m., and orders to march at sunrise to-morrow. May 7, at sunrise marched in the direction of Tunnel Hill; the advance of the division encountered considerable opposition, but the enemy was steadily driven, and to-night the army occupied Tunnel Hill. May 8, the regiment moved forward to the front this a. m.; near the gap called Buzzard Roost the enemy are in force; have a good position, and lively skirmishing continues through the day; no casualties in the command. May 9, this morning the regiment advanced its line of skirmishers and met with heavy opposition; in the action Franklin Dalby, private Company I, was killed, and Privates Joseph Rogers, Carroll Ulher, J. Hadrington, W. Swan (Company I), John Collins (Company G), and Leonard F. Burnett (Company E), were wounded. May 10, the regiment retains the position gained yesterday; the enemy's sharpshooters very annoying; severe skirmishing all day First Sergt. William M. Howard and Private [660] Frank A. Humilke (Company I) and Z. L. King (private Company D) were killed to-day. May 11, shirmishing continues, though not as severe as yesterday; no casualties reported. May 12, early this morning the regiment, with brigade, moved out from Buzzard Roost and marched rapidly toward Snake Creek Gap; at 11 p. m. bivouacked for the night in the gap; distance marched, about fifteen miles; no casualties. May 13, moved forward at daylight; after proceeding about a mile halted for breakfast; left knapsacks and slowly moved to the front in support of other troops; not engaged, nor no casualties reported. May 14, moved forward again to-day; heavy fighting going on to our left and front; to-night occupied an intrenched line in support of the First Division, Fourteenth Army Corps; no casualties. May 15, occupying the same position as yesterday; severe fighting this afternoon to the right and left of us, though nothing serious in our immediate front; casualties are, Private William C. Green (Company B) killed and Corpl. John W. Bartlett, PrivatesWalker (Company I), and George Schmith (Company E) wounded. May 16, on its being ascertained that the enemy had left our front, the regiment proceeded back to where the knapsacks had been left, and at 8 a. m. was moving in the direction of Rome, Ga.; bivouacked for the night at 9 p. m., having marched about twenty miles. May 17, moved forward at daylight, marching rapidly; our advance encountered the enemy one mile north of the Oostenaula River, and a lively fight ensued, both forces using artillery; the Sixteenth was deployed as skirmishers on the right of the road; the enemy fell back to the river; no casualties reported. May 18, at 3 a. m. our lines were advanced; the enemy retreated to the south side of the river, burning the bridges, when the command went into camp on the north bank of the Oostenaula. May 19, 20, 21, in camp near Rome; no changes; nothing important transpiring. May 22, the command marched across the pontoon bridge into Rome, and crossing the Etowah by the same means, encamped on the south bank of Etowah River. May 23, moved camp about one mile south of the river this p. m. May 24, this morning 230 nonveterans, whose term of service has expired, started to Chattanooga in charge of Col. R. F. Smith, the command of the regiment devolving upon Lieut. Col. J. B. Cahill; at 6 a. m. the command marched in a southeast direction, halting for the night at Cave Spring; distance made, eighteen miles. May 25, the regiment and brigade marched at daylight; had heavy rain, and roads in terrible condition; at 5 p. m. heard artillery to our left and front; halted for the night near Pumpkin Vine Creek; distance marched, about nineteen miles. May 26, moved forward a mile or thereabouts; ordered to countermarch and take the road to Dallas; entered Dallas at 4 p. m., the enemy's skirmishers retiring; bivouacked for the night about one mile north and east of Dallas. May 27, moved to the front one-half mile this morning and intrenched; our skirmishers have been engaged during the whole day, and sharp, heavy fighting has occurred this p. m. just to our right; casualties to-day are Thomas J. Coffey (private Company I) killed and Private G. W. Hogan (Company I) and Elon F. Currier (Company G) wounded. May 28, occupying the same line as yesterday; no casualties. May 29, things in our front remain nearly the same as yesterday; continual skirmishing, the rebels using some artillery; Private J. H. McLain (Company G) killed to-day. May 30, is but a repetition of yesterday, with the usual amount of skirmishing and shelling; no casualties reported. [661] May 31, considerable fighting all along our front through the entire day; this p. m. the enemy shelled our position, killing Private Charles Wackwitz, Company H.

June I, at sunrise the command was withdrawn from in front of Dallas, and moving eight miles to the left, halted for the night in rear of the Fourth Corps, near New Hope Church; no casualities reported; heavy rains. June 2, early this a. m. the regiment was assigned its position in front; severe skirmishing through the day; no casualties. June 3, things seemingly quiet in our front, though heavy firing is heard to our right; no casualties. June 49 this a. m. --early the command was withdrawn from the position it has occupied since the 1st instant, and moved two miles to the left and in reserve of other troops. June 5, this morning we were surprised by the news that the enemy had again disappeared from our front; remained in our position through the day. June 6, marched at sunrise this morning in a northeast course; raining all the time, and roads bad; arrived at Acworth, Ga., at 5 p. m.; distance marched about six miles. June 7, 8, 9, remained in camp at Acworth resting; no casualties to report. June 10, moving to the left to-day in direction of Big Shanty; rained all day. June 11, moved to the front one mile this a. m. and intrenched; raining continually; no casualties. June 12, changed position toward the front, and intrenched, the skirmishers very busy day and night; no casualties. June 13, occupying the same position as yesterday; slight skirmishing in front; no casualties. June 14, the regiment with brigade advanced about .a mile toward Kenesaw Mountain, and ,intrenched; rained. June 15, remained in same position; some skirmishing in front; constant firing away on our right; no casualties reported in command to-day, June 16, advanced the lines again last night; rained all day; the usual skirmishing going on; no casualties. June 17, 18, the regiment occupying the same position, and constant skirmishing in front. June 19, early this morning the command moved forward to the foot of Kenesaw under a heavy fire from the enemy's batteries on the crest of the mountain, no casualties occurring in the regiment. June 20, steady skirmishing in front; at noon the rebel batteries on Kenesaw again opened on our camp, shelling us heavily, but resulting in no damage to the regiment other than tearing of tents, &c. June 21, heavy fighting on the right; the enemy have not used their guns on us, but the skirmishers keep up a continual fire; Private Kennedy, Company E, wounded. June 22, early this a. m. the enemy opened again with ten guns, shelling our position; the regiment is on the skirmish line; Private Charles W. Allen, Company K, wounded. June 23, 24, 25, the regiment occupying the same position as on the 22d; constant skirmishing on the line, with occasional artillery duels; Samuel Boice, Company K, wounded June 25, 1864. June 26, at 10 p. m. the command moved from in front of Kenesaw toward the right; were on the road all night, marching four miles; halted in rear of the Fourth Corps, and remained all day. June 27, at 6 a. m. the command, in light marching order, moved forward to the front in support of the Second and Third Brigades, Second Division, Fourteenth Army Corps, forming the second line; occupied the advanced works of our former line, and held them during the battle; casualties, Corpl. William E. McDaniel, Company (C, killed. June 28, 29, 30, July 1, 2, the regiment occupies the same position as on the 27th; constant skirmishing on the line; no casu-:alties reported. [662]

July 3, it being ascertained that the enemy had retreated from our front, the regiment moved with command through Marietta to a point five miles beyond Marietta, where the enemy were found in force; marched to the front and intrenched; no casualties reported. July 4, the regiment was ordered out to support the Sixtieth Illinois early this morning, and remained during the day; at 5 p. m. five companies were detailed to drive back the enemy's skirmishers; in doing so the regiment lost 1 killed, 7 wounded, I missing. July 5, the enemy again fell back last night, and this morning the command moved forward to near Vining's Station, where the enemy was found in an intrenched position; some skirmishing in our front this p. m.; no casualties in the regiment. July 6, the lines were advanced some distance this a. m., which occasioned sharp firing in our front all day. July 7, the regiment relieved the Fourteenth Michigan on the skirmish line, and lost 3 men wounded. July 8 to 16, in camp near Vining's Station; no casualties to report, and almost a suspension of hostilities, the enemy having withdrawn to the east bank of the Chattahoochee. July 17, pursuant to orders, the regiment marched from its encampment near Vining's Station to Pace's Ferry, where, crossing the Chattahoochee and proceeding to Nancy's Creek, it being in advance, encountered the enemy; in the fight which ensued First Lieut. James Donaldson, Company C, Corpls. Alex. Peterson, Company F, and John McGovern, Company D, Privates Whicker, Montgomery, and Peterson, were killed, and Privates Shaw and Nelson, Company F, wounded. July 18, the command moved forward about two miles this a. m., skirmishing heavily, establishing a line on Peach Tree Creek, and intrenched ; no casualties reported. July 19, occupying the same position to-day; no casualties. July 20, the regiment relieved the Sixtieth Illinois at 6 p. m.; while advancing the lines and reconnoitering, Sergeant Hamline, Company A, Corporal Hamline, and Private J. M. Forrest, Company A., were taken prisoners. July 21, at 12 m. the command fell back to its fortified line east of Peach Tree Creek, and remained during the day. July 22, the regiment marched this a. m. toward Atlanta, proceeded to within two and a half miles of the city, northwest, and intrenched; no enemy appears in our front to-day, though there is considerable skirmishing just to our left, and very heavy firing heard far away to the left. July 23 to 26, the regiment occupies its intrenched position ; matters along our immediate front very quiet, though a desultory firing is kept up just to our left. July 27, at 4 a. m. received orders to be ready to move in light marching order at I p. m.; marched directly to the front about a mile, driving back the enemy's skirmishers, and held the position till the Sixteenth Army Corps occupied the ground; Private Marlow, Company G, wounded. July 28, the command marched at 6 a. m.; proceeded to Turner's Ferry, then, making a detour away to the right, came back and halted in rear of Fifteenth Army Corps at 12 o'clock midnight. July 29, marched to the front and right of the Fifteenth Army Corps; then advanced about a mile and intrenched; encountered but little opposition; no casualties. July 30, at 2 p. m. moved to the right and front about one-half mile and intrenched. July 31, at 6 a. m. ordered to be ready to move at a moment's notice; movement began at 2 p. m., Sixteenth Illinois as skirmishers; marched to the right and front one mile, drove the enemy from their rifle-pits, with loss of 3 men wounded; returned to camp at 5 p. m.; rained very much this p. m. [663]

August 1, in the same position as yesterday, Twenty-third Corps moving in on our right; no casualties. August 2, remaining in the same line of works. August 3, matters in our front extremely quiet, though occasionally a rebel shell drops into camp, none doing any damage. August 4, at 10 a. m. the regiment moved to the right about a mile, going into position between divisions of the Twentythird Corps and there intrenched; no casualties, though the rebels shelled furiously this afternoon. August 5 and 6, occupying the same works as on the 4th instant, heavy skirmishing in front, and the enemy daily shelling our line. August 7, the regiment was ordered out to support the Fourteenth Michigan Infantry at 4 p. m., and advancing with them, drove the enemy from his rifle-pits, capturing many prisoners; relieved the Fourteenth Michigan Infantry on the skirmish line; no casualties. August 8, heavy skirmishing on the line throughout the day; Private Chambers, Company H, killed: Privates Shannon, Company A, Rolly, Company E, and Swartz, Company G, wounded. August 9 and 10, remained in the same position, desultory skirmish firing kept up in front, also shelling to some extent. August 11, the regiment was relieved from picket duty this p. m.; Corporal Benmert, Company I, wounded. August 12, the regiment was moved to the right its fronting distance this a. m. and occupied the works vacated by the First East Tennessee Infantry; the enemy's batteries opened on us with solid shot this p. m.; no casualties. August 13 to 19, quietly occupying the same line of works, the firing in our front almost ceased. August 20, at 4 a. m. the command marched out on the Sandtown road, going around the rebel left and striking the Atlanta and West Point [Railroad] at Red Oak Station; troops in advance tore up the railroad some distance; returned to camp, having marched about twenty miles; no casualties. August 21 to 24, the regiment remained in camp, occupying the same line as on the 20th instant; the rebels shell us daily, with but little effect, otherwise the utmost quietness prevails; no firing on the skirmish line, and no casualties to report.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

Jas. B. Cahill, Lieutenant-Colonel. Capt. T. Wiseman
, Asst. Adjt. Gen., 1st Brig., 2d Div., 14th Army Corps.

Hdqrs. Sixteenth Illinois Infty. Vet. Vols., Atlanta, Ga., September 9, 1864.
In obedience to orders, I have the honor to make the following report of the part taken by the Sixteenth Regiment Illinois Infantry Veteran Volunteers in the late campaign, from the 24th day of August, 1864, to the 8th day of September, 1864:

August 24 and 25, the regiment remained in the same line of works it had occupied since the 8th instant; very little firing on the lines and no casualties reported. August 26, at 4 p. m. the regiment was ordered to be ready to move at a moment's notice. At 10 p. m. the enemy opened a battery on the camp and shelled us heavily, but resulting in no damage. August 27, at 2 a. m. the regiment marched out on the Sandtown road ; after proceeding about five miles, halted for the night and intrenched. August 28, marched at daylight, and at 4 p. m. arrived at Red Oak Station, on the Atlanta and West [664] Point Railroad. Five companies were detailed to guard headquarters wagons Department of the Cumberland. August 29, at daylight moved in a northeast course about one and a half miles; formed line and intrenched. No enemy appears in force. August 30, the regiment, with brigade, marched at sunrise; proceeded about eight miles, halted for the night and intrenched just east of the Jonesborough road. August 31, the regiment relieved the Seventy-eighth Illinois Infantry on the skirmish line at 12 m. Matters seem quiet in our front, though heavy firing is heard to our right and front. At S p. m. the command moved to the right about two miles and bivouacked for the night. September 1, the regiment marched at sunrise, proceeding in a southeast course about eight miles, striking the headwaters of Flint River, two miles from Jonesborough, at 4 p. m.; crossed the river under a heavy fire from two rebel batteries, which resulted in no loss to the regiment, however. Remaining in this position one-half hour, or thereabouts, awaiting orders, the column moved by the left flank until it arrived at a point 600 yards north of the batteries which had been annoying us; here was formed the line of battle, the Sixteenth Illinois Infantry being on the right of the brigade, immediately in rear of the Fourteenth Michigan Infantry, and joined on the left by the Sixtieth Illinois Infantry. In advancing to the assault the column struck the angle made by the timber, in front of Swett's (Mississippi) battery, the fourth and fifth companies going over the works at that point. The men eagerly pursued the flying enemy, but were recalled by Lieutenant-Colonel Cahill, commanding regiment, who reformed them behind the captured works; two of the captured guns were turned upon the enemy by the regiment. The works were reversed and held by the regiment during the continuance of the battle. Two guns werb hauled out, and the colors of Swett's (Mississippi) battery and 119 stand of small-arms captured by the regiment. Officers and men all acted with the utmost gallantry. The loss of the regiment in the engagement is 2 killed, 5 wounded, 1 missing; total loss, 8. September 2, at 9 a. m., the enemy having disappeared from our front, the command moved forward to the railroad, then into Jonesborough, where the regiment went into camp and intrenched. Sep: tember 3, 4, 5, remained in camp at Jonesborough, Ga.1

Very respectfully,

J. B. Cahill, Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding Regiment. Lieut. J. P. Hollers
, A. A. A. G., 1st Brig., 2d Div., 14th Army Corps.

1 Nominal list of casualties (omitted) shows I officer and 19 men killed, 43 men wounded, and 4 men captured; total, 67.

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