Adams, Rev. Nehemiah58, 248
Average of Mankind188
Army, Patriotism of189
Abolition and Secession192
Americans in England251
Buchanan, James6, 7, 29, 32, 128, 129
Benton, Thomas, his estimate of John Y. Mason16
Bird, Rev. Milton80
Bancroft, George106
Bickley, K. G. C.111
Bliss, Seth136
Brooks, Preston182
Beaufort, the Bacchanal of197
Bodin on Slavery303
Butler, General317, 318, 320, 322
Burke, Edmund, an Emancipationist328
Bachelder, Dr., a Funny Physician312
Buxton, Fowell384
Choate, Rufus45, 58, 84
Choate, Rufus Scrambles of his Biographers102
Cumberland Presbyterian Church68
Cumberland Presbyterian Newspaper79
Columbia (S. C.), Bell-Ringing in125
Commons, House of, on Gregory's Motion168
Colleges, Southern172
Cotton, Moral Influence of201
Congress, The Confederate222, 238
Clergymen, Second--Hand224
Carlyle, Thomas323
Davis, Jefferson42, 274, 279, 282, 283, 288, 380, 388, 346
Diarist, A Southern124
Dargan, Chancellor160
Dahomey, the Original of the Confederacy175
De Bow on Confederate Manufactures230
Debt, The Confederate285
Everett, Edward45, 181
Fielder, Herbert, his Pamphlet46
Fillmore, Millard116
Floyd, John B162
Fortescue on Slavery303
Free States, Southern Opinion of316
Freedmen, Probable Vices of362
Franklin on British Policy366
Fast Day, Mr. Davis's377
Gregory, M. P.163
Greenville, Lord, on Emancipation329
Goethe on the Future of America808
Greatness, Historical856
Hamilton, Alexander, on the Union297
Hawks, Dr., his Twelve Questions305
Independence, Declaration of139
Independence, Southern Association for265
Ireland, The Case of294
Johnson, Reverdy42
Johnson, Dr., his Favorite Toast329
Lord, President3, 319
Lawrence, Abbot25
Ludovico, Father54
Lincoln, Abraham181, 384
Letcher, Governor340
Mason, John Y13, 24
Mitchel, John20, 50
Matthews, of Virginia, on Education92
Montgomery, The Muddle at181
Morse, Samuel and Sidney186
Meredith, J. W., his Private Battery141
McMahon, T. W., his Pamphlet214
Monroe, Mayor, of New Orleans234
Malcolm, Dr., on Slavery248
Maryland, The Union Party in260
Mallory, Secretary280
McClellan, General, as a Pacificator370
Mercury, The Charleston399
Netherlands, Deacon17
North, Southern Notions of the144
Olivieri, The Abbe, on Negro Education56
Pierce, Franklin29
Pollard, Mr., his “Mammy” 63
Palfrey, General, in Boston73
Perham, Josiah, his Invitation97
Parker, E. G., his Life of Choate108
Patents Granted in the South134
Polk, Bishop172
Parties, Extemporizing242
Platform Novelties in Boston247
Paley, Dr., on Slavery808
Pitt, William, an Abolitionist329
Rogersville, the Great Flogging in16
Roundheads and Cavaliers151
Russell, William H158, 187
Repudiation of Northern Debts162
Red Bill, a New Orleans Patriarch318
Romilly, Sir Samuel828
Robertson, Dr., on Slavery803
Screws, Benjamin, Negro Broker8, 88
Society for Promoting National Unity186
Stevens, Alexander H148
Secession, The Ordinance of178
Slidell, Miss204
Secessionists, The Dissensions of219
St. Domingo, The Argument from326
Saulsbury, Senator334, 351
Tyler, John, his Diagnosis128
Times, The London158, 177, 309, 366, 374
Toombs, General, his Trials269
Thirty-Five, The Council of273
Taliaferro, Mr., his Defalcation316
Thugs in New Orleans318
University, a Southern Wanted61
Utopia, A. Slaveholding300
Van Buren, John44
Virginia, Democracy in185
Wise, Henry A.2, 95, 135, 155
Walker, William, his Letter to General Cass33, 35
Winslow, Hubbard136
Williams, Commander206
Winthrop, Robert C.248
Wood, Benjamin379, 383
Yeadon, Richard8
Young, Brigham358, 392


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