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the navigability of the Sangamon fully demonstrated. the vessel reaches Beardstown. After a fortnight of rough and fatiguing travel the colony of Indiana emigrants reached a point in Illinois five miles north-west of the town of Decatur in Macon county. John Hanks, son of that Joseph Hanks in whose shop at Elizabethtown Thomas Lincoln had learned what he knew of the carpenter's art, met and sheltered them until they were safely housed on a piece of land which he had selected for them five mng to the usual audience of undemonstrative stumps and voiceless trees. His first attempt at public speaking after landing in Illinois is thus described to me by John Hanks, whose language I incorporate: After Abe got to Decatur, or rather to Macon county, a man by the name of Posey came into our neighborhood and made a speech. It was a bad one, and I said Abe could beat it. I turned down a box and Abe made his speech. The other man was a candidate — Abe wasn't. Abe beat him to death, his sub
yed by fire......Dec. 9, 1823 General election, proposed convention to amend the constitution permitting slavery defeated by 4,972 to 6,640......August, 1824 Illinois and Michigan Canal Association incorporated......Jan. 19, 1825 Reception given General Lafayette at Kaskaskia......April 30, 1825 Congress grants 224,322 acres to the State of Illinois to aid the Illinois and Michigan Canal......March 2, 1827 Father of Abraham Lincoln removes from Indiana with his family to Macon county, Ill......1830 Towns of Chicago and Ottawa surveyed and laid out by a board of canal commissioners, and maps prepared by James Thompson bearing date......Aug. 4, 1830 United States troops under General Gaines, having burned the old Sac village on the Mississippi deserted by Black Hawk and his warriors, encamp at Rock Island, where Black Hawk, summoned to a council, signs an agreement not to recross the Mississippi to the Illinois side without permission from the governor or the Presi
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Indiana, (search)
st the State bank for fraudulent management, which results in forfeiting its franchise, begun......Dec. 31, 1821 Indiana University at Bloomington, chartered 1820, opened......1824 Mr. Rapp and associates sell their property at Harmony to Robert Dale Owen, of Scotland, a philanthropist, who attempts to establish a community, naming the place New Harmony......1825 State road from Lake Michigan to Madison on the Ohio begun......1830 Thomas Lincoln, with his family, removes to Macon county, Ill......1830 Indiana Historical Society incorporated......1831 Wabash and Erie Canal in Indiana begun......Feb. 22, 1832 State bank chartered......1834 Internal improvement law, a State loan of $10,000,000 to be expended by a board of internal improvement......January, 1836 Madison and Lafayette Railroad commenced......1836 Indiana Asbury University (since 1884 De Pauw), at Greencastle, chartered and opened......1837 University of Notre Dame (R. C.), at Notre Dame, cha