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d that no State court can say that the citizens of South Carolina, though having levied actual war against the General Government, are alien enemies. There is a sense in which this reply is technically correct, but it is not the sense in which is founded the rule which in any case makes the defence spoken of a valid one. An enemy is not allowed to enforce (in our courts) the collection of any claims against our own citizens, because (in the words of Chief Justice Ellsworth, in the case of Hamilton against Eaton, before the United States Circuit Court in North Carolina in 1792) "it would be dangerous to admit him into the country or to correspond with agents in it; and also because a transfer of treasure from the country to his would diminish the ability of the former and increase that of the latter to prosecute the war." The whole ground of excluding a public enemy from our courts is one exclusively of public policy, and whenever public policy would carry the rule the courts should b
[correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.]Invasion of the Valley. Winchester, March 5, 1862. The Valley has been invaded by three hostile armies, all, seemingly, converging to this point. On Friday last Charlestown was occupied by the column of General Banks's army. The force at this time there is variously estimated from four to twelve thousand. Gen. Hamilton was in command at Charlestown when the latest authentic intelligence was brought from there. General Banks had not yet arrived. Several arrests have been made of citizens of Jefferson county. On Saturday night two regiments of infantry, with cavalry and artillery, under the command of Col. Leonard, took possession of Martinsburg, in the county of Berkeley. Four additional regiments have since been added to his force. Many arrests have been made in Berkeley — amongst others, Daniel Burkhart, President of the Bank of Berkeley; Geo. H. Murphy, States Attorney; Dr. P. J. McGary, Samuel Alburtis, editor of the Republi
New tracts for soldiers. --Rev. A. E. Dickinson has placed upon our table the following tracts, which have just been issued; "In Camp," by Rev. W. F. Broaddus, D. D; "Why Will Ye Die?" by Rev. A. M. Pointdexter, D. D.; "Don't Swear," by Rev. J. B. Jeter, D. D., and "Your Soul — How to Save It," by a layman. These publications will be followed by a tract written by Rev. V. T., Moore, D. D, of this city; Rev. Dr. Petrie, Presbyterian Pastor in Montgomery, Ala; Rev. Dr. Hamilton, (Methodist,) Mobile, Ala., and Rev. P. Slaughter, (Episcopal,) Chaplain of a Virginia regiment. We are pleased to know that Rev. Mr. Dickinson accomplished much good in his recent visit to the South, and returns inspired with new hope in behalf of colportage.
Liberal donations. --The Mobile papers state that last Sunday week a large mass meeting was held in the Government Street Presbyterian Church of that city, at which addresses were delivered by Rev. A. R. Dickinson, of Virginia, Rev. Drs. Hamilton and Burgett, of Alabama, and $600 were raised or Army Colportage, and that subsequent donations swelled the amount to $1,200.
s, arm. Harrison, J E, co B, 24th Va, hand Hobbs, W C, co A, 4th N C, arm. Houston, E, Serg't Maj, co K, 2d Fla, shell wound. Holman, O C, co B, 23d N C, shoulder. Hardy, R J, co C. 38th Va, hand. Hurt, N W, co K 7th Va, elbow. Hamilton, N F, co K, 11th Miss, left hand amputated. Hoover, F M, co K, 11th Miss, hand. Howison,--, co A, 41st Va, thigh. Hollingsworth, C M, co F, 7th Tenn, foot. Hall, R F, co F, 12th Ala, foot. Howell, E, co C, 5th N C, thigh. Heste F Headden, L W Morgan, N T McKay, T C Mann, C Word. Total--Killed 4, wounded 12. Company K.--Killed: Corp'l S A Nelson; Privates W H Askew, J Glass. Wounded: 1st Lieut J S Standley. Corp'l N A Bobbitt, Privates J Buchanan, J M Durham, W F Hamilton, F M Hoover, W R Hughes, J P Hughes, J W Jennings, J J Lang, J A Metcalfe, Jas Pearce, Robert Ray, Jas Stanford, H Stedman, T B Weed, A J Wolfe, B P Payne, W C Persons. Missing: W M Barrett, Wm Browning. Total--Killed 3, wounded 19, missing 2.
Carwan; privates W- Calloway, Geo R Roe, and William Norman, mortally,; privates James N Rees, leg; Thomas R Crawford, head; Edward Tripp, hand; Noah Pullpot, cheek; Thomas M Swindall, hip; Caswell Jones, right eye Zack Brantly, side; Samuel Swindall, arm Solomon F Swindall, arm; George Daw, side John R Boyd, side; William J. Litchworn hip; Charles C Doughty, shoulder; Richard C Pickering, arm; Edward White, head and hand. Company K.--1st Lieut Coughenour, ear and head slightly; 2nd Lieut Hamilton C Long arm; 2d Lieut Marcus Hofflin; Corp'l Richard Williams, hand; Privates S A Brown, back; J C Crowell and W W Cummings, mortal; J C Caspar, arm; N W Church, hand; J C Deston, back badly; W A Ellett, arm slightly; A Friedheim, hand; S S Gardner, side; M N Holshouser, Lewis Holshouser, chest;-- -crop, hand; Calvin Miller, head; A N M- thigh; F W Mills, shoulder; Daniel Moyer, head and thigh; J Meldon, thigh broken; Neely, mouth; W H Page, arm; E Patterns and J W Roberts, shoulder; J
monstrously. But what sort of a lie will it be? How can he disguise the true state of the case, or account for the marvel? What! the Napoleon of all Yankeedom assailed in the rear, by a broken and discomfited enemy, and suffer that enemy to retire with the loss of only a single man? Will not the world arrive at the conclusion that Yankee Napoleons are like Yankee nutmegs, arrant cheats, and nothing else? We are very much afraid the Yankee Government will get disgusted with McClellan's loud bragging and poor performance, and turn him adrift. We should deprecate his dismissal as a serious misfortune. Perhaps they would send some man — if it be possible to find such in Yankeedom — who would lie less and do more. Let McClellan stay, by all means, is our prayer. We would not have him killed or captured for the same reason that Hamilton advised Washington not to bag Howe. We might be worsted, and we could not be bettered. His lies do us no harm. Another man's actions migh
ounded slightly on the leg; Corp'l John W Jones. slightly in the bead; James A Kimbrough, through the hip and thigh; privates H L Ages, wounded slightly in the head; Thomas J Bouler, severely in the shoulder and hand; E S Davis, through the right lung; (doing well;) Chas B Farrington killed; John W Hall, wounded in leg; Jas B Holoman, slightly in the face; Geo W Higginbotham, in the leg; Wm A Hawkins, in the shoulder; Wm F Hayes, in the neck; O L Jones, seriously in thighs and both arms broken; F F. Kimbrough slightly in the arm; Nat Lyon, seriously through the shoulder; J Maness, through the hip; Jas L Marion, through the hand; L C McFarland. missing; Robert Pritchett, Jr. killed; F. M Pritchett. wounded slightly in the finger; A J Proctor, killed; Hamilton H Hawls, killed; Win L Stanberry, wounded in the leg; A J Stacea, killed; Wm H Southall, wounded seriously in the body; A O Treadwell, very seriously in the abdomen; Wm D Wright, seriously in shoulder and slightly on the head.
From Bermuda. -- The Bermuda Royal Gazette of May 13th, contains some interesting items: Admiral Sir Alexander Maine, with a very large portion of his fleet, left Hamilton on the 6th. It was a grand sight; at one time there were thirteen steam vessels on the North Side — viz; five line-of- battle ships, the Nile, Hero. Donegal, Agamemnon, and Abbott; two frigates, the Melpomene and Mersey; two corvettes, the Cadmus and Challenger; one gun- vessel, the Handrail--a gunboat, the Kite, and the Siren. The gunboat accompanied the Admiral's ship; the Nile and the Kite, the Hero — the leading ship of the second division. The Nimble went to St. Georges early in the day for the Admiral's dispatches, which had just arrived in the R. M. steamer Delta. The steamer Gladiator, from Nassau, N. P., with a cargo of cotton and rosin, (from a Confederate port.) sailed for Liverpool on the 6th. The Bermudian are strong sympathizers with the Confederates, if we may judge by the fo
The work in Kentucky. --According to the Louisville Democrat, a portion of Col. Morgan's men continue actively engaged in Kentucky. Captain Ferguson's company has been doing good work at Tompkinsville, Monroe county, where they routed a company of Federate, capturing several prisoners and a number of arms and cavalry equipage. Capt Hamilton has also had a brush with a company of Pennsylvania cavalry recently, in which both commanders were killed.
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