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836. William Adams. Removed to Ipswich. Edmund Angier. Remained here. James Bennett. Removed to Concord. Thomas Besbeech. Removed to Scituate or Duxbury; afterwards to Sudbury. Richard Betts. Removed to Ipswich. Peter Bulkeley. Removed to Concord. Benjamin Burr. Removed to Hartford. John Champney. Remained here. Richard Champney. Remained here. Josiah Cobbett. Removed to Hingham. Edward Collins. Remained here. John Cooper. Remained here. Gilbert Crackbone. Remained here. Francis Griswold. Remained here. Thomas Hayward. Removed to Duxbury. Ralph Hudson. A proprietor; but resided in Boston. Joseph Isaac. Remained here. Richard Jackson. Remained here. John King. Names soon disappeared. John Moore. Remained here. Walter Nichols. Removed to Charlestown. Richard Parke. Remained here. William Patten. Remained here. Richard Rice.
. Nath. Sparhauke140 85. John Stedman300 86. Willm. Russell60 87. William Patten 90 88. Ben. Bower20 89. Tho. Briggam 180 90. John Russell80 91. Will. Bucke20 92. Richard Ecles70 93. Mrs. Sarah Simes50 94. Mr. Jacson400 95. Mr. Andrews150 96. Abra. Errington70 97. Widd: Cutter40 98. ffr. Moore, senr.50 99. Mr. Josseph Cooke300 100. Wm. Wilcocke90 101. Christopher Cane80 102. Rich. Dana20 103. Mr. Angier300 104. Vincet Druse15 105. Rogr. Bancroft100 106. John Cooper 140 107. Edw. Shepard80 108. Tho. Bridge50 109. Ranold Bush10 110. Tho. Prentise150 111. Math. Bridge 80 112. Golden Moore100 113. Robert Brodish30 Memo. There is these two persons overslipped, viz. 28. Richard Robbins80 91. Daniell Wines10 These two lots must come in their due order. The town do give to Gregory Stone, adjoining to his farm, one hundred acres.100 Although, by the generosity of the Church, all the inhabitants received allotments of the Shawshine lands
e continuance of the present estableshment and of all the previleges theirof, and that we may not be subjected to the arbitrary power of any who are not chosen by this people according to theire patent, Cambridg the 17th of the 8. 1664. Charles Chauncy. Edward Oakes. Samll. Andrewe. Jonathan Mitchell. Elijah Corlett. Richard Champny. Edmund Frost. Gregory Stone. John Bridge. John Stedman. ffrancis Whitmor. Richard Jackson. Edward Shephard. Gilbert × Cracbon. John Fisenden. John Cooper. Abraham Erringtoon. Humfry Bradsha. John Gibson. Richard Hassell. Danill Kempster. Thomas × Fox. George × Willis. Thomas × Hall. Richard Dana. Nicolas × Wythe. Thomas Chesholm. Samuel Green. Tho. Swetman. Richard Robins. William Diksone. Richard Eccles. Thomas Longhorne. John Watsonn. Roger × Bukk. Andrew × Stevenson. John × parents. James Hubbard. Robert × Wilson. Rob. × Parker. John × Bouttell. Robert Stedman. Thomas Cheny. Willyam × Heally. John Palfray. Ffranct
s and all other their more weighty concerns, we subscribe ourselves, honorable Sirs, your humble and dutiful servants and suppliants, Cambridge, 23 (8) 78. John Cooper, William Manning, John Stone, Walter Hasting, Ffr. Moore, Nathaniell Sparhawk. Mass. Arch., CXII. 253-264. In Jackson's History of Newton, it is statyear first above written. John Spring, Selectmen of New Cambridge. Edward Jackson, Selectmen of New Cambridge. James Prentice, Selectmen of New Cambridge. John Cooper, Selectmen of Cambridge. Samuel Andrew, Selectmen of Cambridge. Walter Hasting, Selectmen of Cambridge. David Fiske, Selectmen of Cambridge. Samuel Stone, ishing of divers poor families. The justice of this honored Court for their relief from this great wrong done them by the defendants is the favor they beg. John Cooper. William Manning. Walter Hasting. Ffr. Moore. The jury rendered a special verdict: If the General Court's grant to Cambridge—for the erecting a ware in M
83, published upon the issuing a Quo Warranto against the late charter of this Colony, and to his present Majesty's gracious declaration to all his loving subjects for liberty of conscience and maintaining them in all their properties and possessions in any their lands and properties whatsoever; the benefit whereof we humbly claim. Your petitioners are his Majesty's most loyal subjects and your Excellency's humble servants, in the name and by the order of the inhabitants of Cambridge. John Cooper, Walter Hasting, ffrancis Moore, John Jackson, Samuell Andrew. Mass. Arch., CXXVIII. 297. In his rejoinder, Randolph gives an abstract of his petition and the order thereon, together with the objections urged by the inhabitants of Cambridge, and then proceeds thus:— To which the Petitioner answereth, that, in case the inhabitants of Cambridge do produce to your Excellency and the Council the royal grant to any person or persons of the said land petitioned for, and from suc
Lucius R. Paige, History of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1630-1877, with a genealogical register, Chapter 15: ecclesiastical History. (search)
he remote farms. Lt. Winship, William Dixon and Francis Whitmore for those on west side Winottime. Deacon Stone and Deacon Cooper, for those families on the west side the common, and for Watertowne lane, as far towards the town as Samuel Hastings.ate for the ready admission and reception of all abominable heresies. Pages 49-54. In the ancient Record-book, Deacon Cooper continues his account of seaverall providencis of God to the church of Cambrigd as follows: Mr. Oakes our pastor beinination by Walter Hastins1l.8s.0d More payed by Walter Hastins toward the ordination of widow Beales legacy1.10.6 By John Cooper 11s a cheese, 4s0.15.0 By butter and hay and milke this 15s. was payed by money that was in my hand.13.15.6 Littlrd CollinsBefore 1658April 9, 168986 Gregory StoneBefore 1658Nov. 30, 167282 Thomas ChesholmAfter 1658Aug. 18, 1671 John CooperAfter 1658Aug. 22, 169173 Walter HastingsAfter 1658Aug. 5, 170574 Nath Resigned July 14, 1774. SparhawkAfter 16581
Bowman, Samuel Butterfield, William Colson, Stephen Frost, Samuel Locke, Josiah Moore, Josiah Warren, Jotham Walton, John Wyman; Sergeants, Joseph Bates, Joseph Belknap, Nathaniel Bemis, Oliver Brown, John Burns, John Cutter, Josiah Dana, James Fillebrown, Thomas Fillebrown, Belcher Hancock, William Harrington, Moses Hovey, James Kettle, Isaac Learned, Joseph Trask, Isaac Tufts, Elkanah Welch, Jeduthun Wellington; Corporals, Michael Applebee, Ebenezer Brown, Stephen Cook, Moses Coolidge, John Cooper, Thomas Cutter, James Fowle, Joshua Gamage, John Hackleton, Nathaniel Learned, James Locke, James Perry, Solomon Phipps, Seth Stone, John Tidd, James Tufts, John Warland, Thomas Warland. Abraham Watson, Jr., was Surgeon of Col. Gardner's Regiment, and James Winthrop was aid-de-camp to Gen. Prescott. Besides the private soldiers whose names appear on the before mentioned rolls of the two companies commanded by Capt. Samuel Thatcher and Capt. Benjamin Locke, those who are named in the lis
8 1Samll Green person & state is000211 1Christopher Muchin person & estat000201 1John Palfry person & estate is000309 1John Green person & estate is000201 1John Cooper junr person & estate000204 1Tho: Andrew person & estate is000410 1Samll Cook person & estate is000403 3John Watson persons & estate is001005 1Phillip Cook ps ffrost person000108 l.s.d. 1John Jackson person & estate is000808 1Henry Prentice person & estate is000202 1Solomon Prentice person & estate is000302 0John Cooper senr estate000407 1Joseph Cragbon person & estate is000402 1Jer: Holman person & estate000401 1Jacob Hill person & estate is000410 1John Wieth person & estate is000304 1Will: Wieth person & estate is000307 1Samll: Cooper person & estate is000401 1Piam Blores person & estate is000400 1John Marritt senr person & estate000402 3Samuell Chamne persons & estate is001004 2Tho: Oleuer persons & estat is000909 1Richard Dany person & estate is000208 1Jacob Dany person & estate is000308
Russell, 1642, 1643,.1648. Edward Oakes, 1642-1646, 1648, 1649, 1652, 1655, 1657-1664, 166-1668, 1670-1678. Herbert Pelham, 1645. Thomas Beale, 1645, 1647, 1651, 1653. Richard Hildreth, 1645. Thomas Danforth, 1645-1669, 1671. John Cooper, 1646, 1648, 1650, 1652, 1654, 1656-1681, 1683, 1685-1690. Robert Holmes,* 1649, 1657, 1662. Roger Bancroft, 1649-1651. John Fessenden, 1650, 1655-1666. John Jackson,* 1650. Richard Robbins,* 1651, 1655. Thomas Fox, 1652, 165n until 1693, when an officer styled Town Clerk was first elected. William Spencer, 1632-1635. Joseph Cooke, 1636, 1637, 1639-1641. Joseph Isaac, 1638. Probably. Roger Shaw, 1642. Probably. Thomas Danforth, 1645-1668. John Cooper, 1669-1681. Samuel Andrew, 1682-1692. Jona. Remington, 1693, 1698-1700. Samuel Green, 1694-1697. Andrew Bordman, 1700-1730. Elected May 18, 1700, in place of Jonathan Remington, deceased. Andrew Bordman [2d], 1731-1769. A
1667 (T. rec. 1668), d. in Woburn 1712. Deac. Cooper d. 22 Aug. 1691, a. 73. His w. Anna m. James is now embraced in Camb., and formerly called Cooper's Corner. 8. John, s. of John (3), m. Hannar the Common. He m. Hannah, prob. wid. of John Cooper (pub. 30 Sept. 1738), but there is no recoly in Camb. and m. Lydia, sister of Deac. John Cooper, and dau. of Deac. Gregory Stone's second s. of Richard (1), m. Lydia, dau. of Deac. John Cooper, 5 Jan. 1687-8, and had in Camb., John, b. ; his last w. survived him, and probably m. John Cooper 21 June 1720. His children, all by the fir, m. Mary Cook 18 Feb. 1690-91. Hannah, m. John Cooper 21 Oct. 1725. Matthew, m. Elizabeth Prent1653; John, b. 1640-41, m. Mary, dau. of Deacon John Cooper of Camb., 21 Oct. 1663, and had a large n 12 June 1718; Lydia, b. 8 Mar. 1702-3, m. John Cooper 6 Ap. 1721, and Thomas Kidder 8 Ap. 1725; Sd Nathaniel, b. in England; Anne, m. Deac. John Cooper, and (2d) James Convers, Sen., of Woburn, [5 more...]
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