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heaped upon the walls. after summoning all of military age to take the oath, the dictator was dispatched to the army, and there found everything more tranquil than he had expected and reduced to order by the careful measures of the master of the horse. The camp had been withdrawn to a safer site, the cohorts that had lost their standards had been left outside the rampart without tents,By way of punishment for their cowardice. cf. the punishment meted out to his soldiers in 209 B.C. by Marcellus (XXVII. xiii. 9). and the army was eager for battle, that it might the sooner wipe out its disgrace. accordingly he advanced without delay into the district of Rusellae.In Western Etruria, on the river Umbro. to this place the enemy followed him; and although in consequence of their success they had every confidence in their ability to cope with the Romans even in the open field, yet they also attempted an ambuscade, which they had successfully essayed before. not f