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George Brinton McClellan 145 9 Browse Search
G. B. McClellan 138 0 Browse Search
I. McDowell 119 1 Browse Search
United States (United States) 94 0 Browse Search
H. W. Halleck 87 5 Browse Search
Yorktown (Virginia, United States) 82 0 Browse Search
E. V. Sumner 77 1 Browse Search
Stonewall Jackson 60 0 Browse Search
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theasterly direction, and is crossed both by the Richmond & York River Railroad and the Virginia Central Railroad, which runs northerly,--the river and the portions of the two railroads south of it forming an isosceles triangle, with the apex towards the east. Place the right hand on a table with the palm down, the fingers close together, and the thumb stretched back as far as possible; let the thumb represent the course of the Virginia Central Road, and the forefinger that of the Richmond & York. Richmond will then be in the hollow at the bottom of the thumb, and a line drawn from the ball of the thumb to the first joint of the forefinger will indicate the course of the Chickahominy In order to keep the railroad entirely secure, the course of the river made it necessary to divide our forces and place part of them on one side of the stream and part on the other. This is not usually deemed a prudent disposition of an army; but there was an imperative necessity for it in this case.
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