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CIBALAE (Vinkovci) Yugoslavia.

On the river Bosut a significant prehistoric site, first mentioned as a municipium (CIL III, 3267), probably in Hadrian's time, then as colonia Aurelia Cibalae (CIL III, 14038, Péecs), perhaps in the Severan period. The walls surrounded an area 860 by 650 m. It was situated at the intersection of roads leading to Sirmium, to Siscia, and to Mursa-Aquincum. Here Licinius was defeated by Constantine in 314. Presumably the town was the seat of a bishop. It existed to the beginning of the 6th c.

Recent excavations have uncovered remains of aqueducts and sewers, houses with hypocausts, lead water mains, mosaics and marble paneling. Kilns have yielded some knowledge on domestic production of pottery and oil lamps. The finds can be seen in the local museum and in the Archaeological Museum at Zagreb.


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