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ălăcer , cris, e, adj. (also in
I.masc. alacris, Enn., v. below; Ter. Eun. 2, 3, 13, and Verg. A. 5, 380; cf. Charis. p. 63 P.—In more ancient times, alacer comm.; cf. Serv. ad Verg. A. 6, 685, and 2. acer) [perh. akin to alere = to nourish, and olēre = to grow; cf. Cic. Verr. 1, 6, 17; Auct. ad Her. 2, 19, 29], lively, brisk, quick, eager, active; glad, happy, cheerful (opp. languidus; cf. Doed. Syn. 3, 247, and 4, 450.—In the class. per., esp. in Cicero, with the access. idea of joyous activity).
I. Lit.
A. Of men: ignotus juvenum coetus, alternā vice Inibat alacris, Bacchio insultans modo, Enn. ap. Charis. p. 214 P.: “quid tu es tristis? quidve es alacris?why are you so disturbed? or why so excited? Ter. Eun. 2, 3, 13 ( = incitatus, commotus, Ruhnk.): “videbant Catilinam alacrem atque laetum,active and joyous, Cic. Mur. 24, 49: “valentes imbecillum, alacres perterritum superare,id. Cael. 28: “Aman laetus et alacer,Vulg. Esth. 5, 9: “alacres animo sumus,are eager in mind, Cic. Fam. 5, 12 fin. Manut.; Verg. A. 6, 685 al.—With ad: alacriores ad reliquum perficiendum, Auct. ad Her. 2, 31: “ad maleficia,id. ib. 2, 30: “ad bella suscipienda alacer et promptus animus,Caes. B. G. 3, 19; so Sall. C. 21, 5: “ad rem gerendam,Nep. Paus. 2, 6.—With super: “alacri corde super omnibus,Vulg. 3 Reg. 8, 66.—In Sall. once for nimble, active: cum alacribus saltu, cum velocibus cursu certabat, Fragm. 62, p. 248 Gerl.—
B. Of animals: “equus,Cic. Div. 33, 73: bestiae, Auct. ad Her. 2, 19. —
II. Transf., poet., of concrete and abstract things: “alacris voluptas,a lively pleasure, Verg. E. 5, 58; so, alacres enses, quick, ready to cut, Claud. Eutr. 2, 280: “involant (in pugnam) impetu alacri,with a spirited, vigorous onset, Plaut. Am. 1, 1, 90. —Sup. not used; cf. Charis. 88 P.; Rudd. I. p. 177, n. 48.—Adv.: ălăcrĭter , briskly, eagerly, Amm. 14, 2.—Comp., Just. 1, 6, 10.
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