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abs-cēdo , cessi, cessum, 3, v. n. (sync. abscēssem = abscessissem, Sil. 8, 109), go off or away, to depart.
I. Lit.
B. In partic.
2. To disappear, withdraw, be lost from view: cor (est) in extis: jam abscedet, simul ac, etc., will disappear, Cic. Div. 2, 16 fin.Poet.: “Pallada abscessisse mihi,has withdrawn from me, from my power, Ov. M. 5, 375.—Of stars, to set, Plin. 2, 17, 14, § 72 al.
3. Of localities, to retire, recede, retreat: “quantum mare abscedebat,retired, Liv. 27, 47 fin.; “so in architecture: frontis et laterum abscedentium adumbratio,of the sides in the background, Vitr. 1, 2, 2; so id. 1, 2, 7, praef. 11.
4. With respect to the result, to retire, to escape: “abscedere latere tecto,to escape with a whole skin, Ter. Heaut. 4, 2, 5.
II. Fig., to leave off, retire, desist from, constr. with ab, the simple abl., or absol.: labor ille a vobis cito recedet, benefactum a vobis non abscedet (followed by abibit), Cato ap. Gell. 16, 1 fin.; so, “cito ab eo haec ira abscedet,Ter. Hec. 5, 2, 15.— With abl. only: “haec te abscedat suspicio,Plaut. Ep. 2, 2, 100: “abscedere irrito incepto,to desist from, Liv. 20, 7, 1.—Absol.: “aegritudo abscesserit,Plaut. Merc. 1, 2, 29; so, “somnus,Ov. F. 3, 307: “imago,Plin. Ep. 7, 27, 6: “ille abscessit (sc. petitione sua),desisted from the action, Tac. A. 2, 34: “ne quid abscederet (sc. de hereditate),Suet. Ner. 34; so, “semper abscedente usufructu,Dig. 7, 1, 3, § 2.
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