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ap-pello (adp- , Fleck., Halm (in Tac.); app- , Merk., B. and K., Rib., Weissenb., Halm (in Nep.), pŭli, pulsum, 3, v. a. and n., drive, move or bring a person or thing to or toward.
I. In gen.
A. Lit., constr. with ad, or in, with the dat., with quo, or absol.
a. With ad: “ad ignotum arbitrum me adpellis,Plaut. Rud. 4, 3, 104: “armentum ad aquam,Varr. R. R. 2, 5, 15; cf. id. ib. 2, 2, 11: “ad litora juvencos,Ov. M. 11, 353: visum in somnis pastorem ad me appellere, to drive toward me, i. e. the herd, the flock, Att. ap. Cic. Div. 1, 22: “turres ad opera appellebat,Caes. B. C. 1, 26.—
b. With in: “in flumen,Dig. 43, 13, 1.—
d. With quo: quo numquam pennis appellunt Corpora saucae Cornices, * Lucr. 6, 752.—
e. Absol.: dant operam, ut quam primum appellant, Lucil. ap. Non. p. 238, 28: postquam paulo appulit unda (corpus), drove a little toward me, brought near, Ov. M. 11, 717 al.
B. Trop.: animum ad aliquid, to turn, direct, apply: “animum ad scribendum adpulit,Ter. And. prol. 1; so id. ib. 2, 6, 15.—Also to bring into any condition: “argenti viginti minae me ad mortem adpulerunt,drove me to destruction, Plaut. As. 3, 3, 43; id. Bacch. 3, 1, 11.—
II. A.. Esp. freq. as a nautical t. t., to bring or conduct a ship somewhere, to land (in Cic. only in this signif.); constr.: appellere navem, nave, or absol. in act. and pass.; also navis appellit, or appellitur (cf. applico, II.).
a. With navem. abitu appellant huc ad molem nostram naviculam, Afran. ap. Non. p. 238, 24: “cum Persae classem ad Delum appulissent,Cic. Verr. 2, 1, 18: “si ille ad eam ripam naves appulisset,id. Phil. 2, 11, 26 Wernsd.: “cum ad villam nostram navis appelleretur,id. Att. 13, 21: “Alexandrum in Italiam classem appulisse constat,Liv. 8, 3; so id. 28, 42: “naves appulsae ad muros,id. 30, 10; 44, 44; 45, 5 al.
b. With nave: “cum Rhegium onerariā nave appulisset,Suet. Tit. 5; cf. Gron. ad Liv. 30, 10.—
d. Pass. absol.: “alios ad Siciliam appulsos esse,Cic. Verr. 2, 5, 28: “ripae suorum appulsus est,Vell. 2, 107.—
e. Seldom in a neutr. sense: “navis adpellit,comes to land, arrives at, Tac. A. 4, 27: “Germanici triremis Chaucorum terram adpulit,id. ib. 2, 24; Suet. Aug. 98: “Alexandrina navis Dertosam appulit,id. Galb. 10. —Poet.: “appellere aliquem: me vestris deus appulit oris,Verg. A. 3, 715; so id. ib. 1, 377 (cf. id. ib. 1, 616: quae vis te immanibus applicat oris).—
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