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Ausŏnes , um, m., = Αὔσονες [prob. of the same root as Oscus or Opicus, Buttm. and Donald.].
I. The Ausonians, a very ancient, perhaps Greek, name of the primitive inhabitants of Middle and Lower Italy; of the same import prob. with Aurunci (Aurunici, Auruni = Ausuni, Ausones), Opici, and Osei: cf. Paul. ex Fest. s. v. Ausoniam, p. 18 Müll.; Arist. ap. Polyb. 7, 10; Serv. ad Verg. A. 7, 727; Nieb. Rom. Gesch. 1, p. 71 sq.; Wachsmuth, Röm. Gesch. p. 65 sq.— Poet., the general name for the inhabitants of Italy, Stat. S. 4, 5, 37.—Hence,
II. Derivv.
A. Ausŏnĭa , ae, f., = Αὐσονία, the country of the Ausonians, Ausonia, Lower Italy, Ov. M. 14, 7; 15, 647; and poet. for Italy, Verg. A. 10, 54; Ov. F. 4, 290 et saep.—
B. Ausŏnĭus , a, um, adj.
2. In the poets, Italian, Latin, Roman: “terra,Verg. A. 4, 349: “Thybris,id. ib. 5, 83: “coloni,id. G. 2, 385: “urbes,Hor. C. 4, 4, 56: “montes,Ov. F. 1, 542: “humus,Italy, id. ib. 5, 658: “Pelorum,id. M. 5, 350 (quod in Italiam vergens, Mel. 2, 7, 15): “imperium,Roman, id. P. 2, 2, 72: os, Ausonian lips, i. e. the Roman language, Mart. 9, 87: “aula,the imperial court, id. 9, 92.—Subst.: Ausŏnĭi , ōrum, m., = Ausones, the Ausonians, or, poet., the inhabitants of Italy, Verg. A. 12, 834.—
C. Ausŏnĭdae , ārum, m.
a. The inhabitants of Ausonia, Verg. A. 10, 564.—
b. Poet., the inhabitants of Italy, Verg. A. 12, 121; Luc. 9, 998.—
D. Ausŏnis , ĭdis, adj. f., Ausonian; and poet., Italian: “ora,Ov. F. 2, 94: “aqua,Sil. 9, 187: “matres,Claud. B. Get. 627 al.
E. Auson , ŏnis, m., the mythical progenitor of the Ausonians, son of Ulysses and Calypso, Paul. ex Fest. s. v. Ausoniam, p. 18 Müll.; Serv. ad Verg. A. 3, 171.—As adj.: “Ausone voce,” i. e. Roman, Latin, Avien. Arat. 102.
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