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consĕcūtĭo (also consĕquūtĭo ), ōnis, f. consequor (several times in Cic. as a philos. and rhet. t. t., elsewhere perh. only in late Lat.)
I. In philos. lang., an effect, consequence: “ipsa detractio molestiae consecutionem adfert voluptatis,has pleasure as a consequence, Cic. Fin. 1, 11, 37; id. de Or. 3, 29, 113: “simplex autem conclusio ex necessariā consecutione conficitur,id. Inv 1, 29, 45, id. Top. 13, 53 al.Plur.: “causas rerum et consecutiones videre,Cic. Fin. 2, 14, 45.—*
II. In rhet. lang., the proper following of one thing after another, order, connection, sequence: “verborum ... ne generibus, numeris, temporibus, personis, casibus perturbetur oratio,Cic. Part. Or. 6, 18.—
III. An acquiring, obtaining, attainment ( = adeptio; eccl. Lat.); with gen. obj.: “baptismi,Tert. Bapt. 18 fin.: “resurrectionis,id. Res. Carn. 52.
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