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factĭōsus , a, um, adj. factio, II.,
I.that has or seeks to form a party, powerful or eager for power, factious, seditious (class.; “syn.: perduellis, seditiosus, tumultuosus, turbulentus, potens, praepotens): homo dives, factiosus,a demagogue, Plaut. Aul. 2, 2, 50: “potens et factiosus,Auct. Her. 2, 26, 40: “homo (with potens),Nep. Ages. 1: “exsistunt in re publica plerumque largitores et factiosi, ut opes quam maximas consequantur, et sint vi potius superiores quam justitia pares,Cic. Off. 1, 19, 64: “non divitiis cum divite, neque factione cum factioso, certabat,Sall. C. 54, 5; id. J. 31, 15 Dietsch: “vel optimatium vel factiosa tyrannis illa vel regia, etc.,” i. e. oligarchical, Cic. Rep. 1, 29, 45: linguă factiosi, busy with the tongue, i. e. promising a great deal, Plaut. Bacch. 3, 6, 13.—Comp.: “mulier,Aur. Vict. Caes. 21.—Sup.: “quisque,Plin. Ep. 4, 9, 5. —* Adv.: factĭōse , mightily, powerfully, Sid. Ep. 4, 24.
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